When I sat down to design this bench, I forced myself to make it as simple as I possibly could while keeping it attractive and comfortable. It had to have an angled back, because I hate straight-backed discomfort. It had to have a little shelf on the back, because I need a place to put my beer. The build-in ice bucket for white wine, on the other hand, was deemed superfluous.

This is an extremely easy woodworking project. There are no joints. The whole thing is held together with decking screws. It is unsophisticated, plain, and quick to build. It's easier than an Ikea closet. A child can build this thing, as you will see in the pictures.

Yet, behold the charm! If this garden bench was a woman, she would be a farmer's daughter named Daisy. Her proportions are attractive, her seat is deep, the angle of her back is ease incarnate.

I've built a 120-cm wide two-seater bench and a 149-cm wide three-seater. Measurements for both are included.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials.

Circular saw
Wood blade for circlar saw (doesn't have to be too fine, but it's ok if it is)
Hand saw for wood
Drill (I use two drills! One for drilling holes and one for turning screws)
4 mm drill bit
Philips screwdriver
Paint brushes

5,5 cm x 5 mm deck screws
4 cm x 4 mm screws (for the seat)
3 hinges

The thickness of the wood and the width of the slats was dictated to me by the wood I could get easily at my local (Berlin, Germany) hardware store. If you feel a bit mathy, you should be able to take a look at the plan and figure out how to alter the recipe to use wood that is easy to get where you live. I used the simplest cheap pine.

The lenght of the two-seater bench has a lot to do with the size of my yard. You could easily make this a bit longer or shorter. The three-seater length was chosen because it was what I could get safely out of a 3-meter-long board and the wood I used happens to come in three-meter long sizes.

I had all the cuts done for me at the hardware store, except the diagonal cut of the back legs.

I've listed the wood like so <qty: LxWxH (what the heck it is)>. All measures are in centimeters.

The depth of the finished bench is 65 centimeters total.

For the two-seater bench

cut from smooth wood

5: 120x10x1.8 (seat back + front and back slats)
4: 60x10x1.8 (side slats)
5: 120x14x1.8 (seat back shelf + front and back slats + seat)
2: 60x14x1.8 (side slats)
2: 120x17x1.8 (seat and seat back)
1: 108.4x20x1.8 (back seat hinge board)

cut from cheaper, rougher wood

2: 42x5.8x5.8 (front legs)
2: 90x20x4 (back legs--these need a diagonal cut, explained later)
2: 20x4.8x2.4 (inside support)
1: 116.4x5.x5.6 (inside support)
3: 34x4.8x2.4 (seat cleats)

For the three-seater bench

cut from smooth wood

 5: 149x10x1.8 (seat back + front and back slats)
 4: 60x10x1.8 (side slats)
 5: 149x14x1.8 (seat back shelf + front and back slats + seat)
 2: 60x14x1.8 (side slats)
 2: 149x17x1.8 (seat and seat back)
 1: 136.4x20x1.8 (back seat hinge board)

cut from cheaper, rougher wood

 2: 42x5.8x5.8 (front legs)
 2: 90x20x4 (back legs--these need a diagonal cut, explained later)
 2: 20x4.8x2.4 (inside support)
 1: 145x5.6x5.6 (inside support)
 5: 34x4.8x2.4 (seat cleats)

This is up to you. It has to stand up to the weather, but you know what you like. I used a grey two-in-one primer + varnish.
<p>When building any type of furniture that allows maximizing your self storage space, you need to plan for it, making drafts of drawing of the furniture you are going to do a DIY. This garden storage bench takes into account maximizing storage space.</p>
<p>Great job, i am doing one based on this. Does it fully open? It seems the way the latches are positioned the seat lid will be stopped by the sides... </p>
<p>Thanks for a great Instructable. We made this, but a a bit longer so we added supports in the middle. We also added a 'beer lid' in the middle for a cool box. We used wood from an old shelving unit. The wooden bits we did buy cost us &pound;30. Hinges costed a bit more. Many thanks!</p>
<p>Vielen Dank f&uuml;r die Bauanleitung! Habe die kleine Bank mit einigen Modifikationen f&uuml;r den heimischen Balkon realisiert.</p>
Hi. Great design which I'm going to follow. One question though. Do you not require support in the middle of the seat to stop the seat from bending with heavier people? Thank you!
<p>Lovely! SO simple and useful at the same time. Are they storage benches as well? It would be awesome to be able to keep garden tools under the seats!</p>
Great design and write up! <br> <br>But please, USE EYE PROTECTION! (at least one of you wasn't, shame!)
You are right, Safety Nick. <br> <br>We only made two cuts, but still... no excuse.
<p>awesome build! <br><br><br><br>p.s. don't forget hearing protection, circular saw make more than enough noise to do (irreversible) damage in the long run.</p>
Excellent work and very thorough, easy to follow 'ible; favorited... <br> <br>&quot;When I sat down to design this bench&quot;; oh, I get it: &quot;sat down&quot;, bench seat, ha ha...

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