Learn how to very quickly and easily customize a tool handle using a Laser Etching machine.  I made it at Tech Shop!

Makes an excellent gift for that person who has everything, or elegantly customize your own tools so they won't disappear.

In this Instructable, you will learn how to set up and etch your name or other custom phrase onto the wooden handle of a tool (in this case a hammer) using a Trotec 80W Laser etching/cutting machine.

Step 1: Materials & Tools List

• Wooden handled tool - in this case a "Task Force" hammer from Lowes.
• Membership at Tech Shop and Laser SBU class certification (to get access to the laser etching machine).
• calipers or ruler to measure the location of the "etchable" area on your tool handle.
Excellent idea. We have a rack in our tool store with three different sized hammers labled small problems, medium problems and huge problems!
Nice idea! And I love the name of your hammer :)

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