Step 9: Scary Sharp!

I wanted to toss in some pictures of how the sharp blade looks.  The only trouble is... do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a sharp blade?!!   Real hard!  Maybe somebody could do an instructible on *that* cuz I couldn't figure it out with any success.

this is cool, I recently got one of the new folding style knifes, so the old slider is basically out to pasture:). so this will be ace, its extra good because the slider was my dads, I remember it since I was a kid so it cool to give it new life.
'Tis a fine thing you have done for your country. Thanks!!!
This is an awesome idea and will come in hand for my shed building projects - howtobuildashedi.org/ Nice woodworking knife indeed.
If you have a decent sized magnifying glass - you can often take a photo 'through' it. I've even used a standard digital camera to take photos through a microscope and telescopic site. <br>You might not get only the point of interest in the shot, but it'll be framed by the magnifying glass so it's all good.
Also, to make sure the edge is in focus, be sure to have it pressed against something. By focusing on the background, the very edge will be in best focus, instead of some spot on the flat of the blade, or way beyond the blade.
I'm not a woodworker but this is a neat idea. I can fully commiserate with you on getting a good picture of a sharp edge without a macro setting on the camera, even WITH a macro setting its difficult!

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