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Introduction: Exclusive Gift Box

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A perfect gift box for something small.

Step 1:

Draw a circle around the CD. Draw a cross in the circle.

Step 2:

Draw another circle as the picture and draw a cross in it.

Step 3:

Draw like the picture and push the pen down hard because we are going to fold there later.

Step 4:

Cut the circles out in one piece.

Step 5:

Fold like the pictures.

Step 6:

Put the box together.

Step 7:

Tie a bow around the box or as I have done on the picture and then you are done.

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I love this! Thank you!

Thanks! everyone for all the positive feedback and merry christmas.

I like it.

Well done, what a great and effective idea, thank you

I am having trouble figuring out how you folded the box between Step 5 and Step 6. Could you provide a little more explanation, please?

Hello! Unghams if you Searching for "how to make a gift box" on youtube and look for a similar box maybe you found it easier to fold the last steps?

Awesome & soooo easy! TY

I love it, I need a few boxes like these and I plan to make them tonight rather than go buy some - thank you!

I just voted for it, but I have a question. I assume these can be made any size, and the larger the size the thicker the cardboard needs to be. I plan to make my circles in Sketch-up, so I can scale them, and to print them on 110 lb card stock and then go over the seams/folds.

1) How large do you think I can make them? Did you try larger sizes or is it just not practical with "printable card stock"?

2) Any suggestions on how I can make long/rectangular boxes? Do I use overlapping ovals? Or, again, is that a bust?

In other words, do I shop for boxes or stay home and play?

Thanks! Great 'able either way.

Ewsmith maybe you can try this to make a rectangular box. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aojaod09C_E I dont know if you need a thicker cardboard to make a bigger box Because I haven't made so many but I'm happy that you develope this instructable.