Execute the Flaming Pen Prank!!!!





Introduction: Execute the Flaming Pen Prank!!!!

This April Fools, Forget about the Rubber Spider Prank, Try the Flaming Pen Prank Instead, Follow these simple steps and you'll be able to execute this prank with ease. Everyone will fall for it, Try this Under EXTREME CAUTION!!!!

Follow the link below to watch the video and see how the prank really works!!!! you wont be disappointing


Step 1: Materials!!!!

To Execute the Flaming Pen Prank, you will need the following items.

1 plastic pen
1 box of matches (2 matches per prank)

(optional items) dropper, scissors/knife

Click on the link to watch the instructional video


Step 2: Disassemble!!!

Step 1- Take apart the pen, Remove the Ink.... You should only be left with the Pen tube, Tip and Cap.



Step 3: Set Up!!!

Step 2- Cut out a small square from the strike pad

Step 3- Bend it and put it inside the cap

Step 4- Shorten two Matches and Push them inside the Tip of the pen



Step 4: CAUTION!!!!

Safety measure should be taken when performing this prank, so what you will need to do is add some water inside the pen tube, this will put out any flame.



Step 5: APRIL FOOLS!!!!

Step-5 Put everything back together (cap on pen) and leave it where you know your victim will get it.

HOW IT WORK? When the cap is removed from the pen, the piece of that strike pad inside the pen, will light the matches, causing flames to come out of the tip of the pen, ( the unexpected flames will scare your victims silly)
Weather they drop the pen or just hold it in their hand, the water you put inside will put out the flame in a matter of seconds......

Watch The Instructional Video by Clicking on the Link Below.... You will see the full results....




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    Nice trick, but...

    The knack of pushing the matches into the same gap which will ignite them when they are pulled out is significantly absent.

    Plus, all the images are screen-grabs from the video.

    That wouldn't be so bad, except you do not embed the video, you just keep linking to it. That implies that the video is hosted on a website that pays video owners for the views their videos get, in a similar manner to MetaCafe.

    This could place this instructable in violation of the Terms of Service, particularly section 8g.

    The site says "get paid to upload" :P

    Exactly my point.

    stuck up brits forever! wwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    What if someone drops the pen onto or into something flammable?

    simple logic: it goes boom!

     in the pic he drops it on paper and it goes out.

    this is soooo cool i cant wait to try it out! thanks!

    Geeze. One video link is sufficient.