Executing a Marshmallow Man in a Vacuum





Introduction: Executing a Marshmallow Man in a Vacuum

Music by Kevin MacLeod.

This amazing video demonstrates what would happen to a marshmallow man in space. Since space is a vacuum the air inside the marshmallows expands due to the absence of air. Watch how big this guy gets.



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    You can do this with a syringe and a marshmallow.  Take the needle off the syringe and put the marshmallow in there.  Then cover up the hole and pull the plunger out.


    ive always wondered what would happen to a man in a vacume chaber at extream levels

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    He would explode, because the pressure inside of his body is greater than what is outside of it (0).

    Thats actually wrong.
    There have been at least two accidents of Humans beein exposed to high vacuum levels in vacuum chambers.
    One i know of the special suit the guy was wearing failed, so he was exposed to the vacuum. Another person in the room grabbed the Weapon of a security guard and shot a glass of that chamber so air could get back in.
    He survived, but that day still sucked for him i guess.

    So the Human won't explode, that only happens in Hollywood.
    A Human can survive a vacuum for a short amount of time.
    AFAIK it is necesarry not to try to hold the breath, because that could infact rupture the lungs.

    But i still don't recommend trying a vacuum on yourself anytime soon tho.

     Your close to what would happen: If you were exposed to a vacuum, take space for example, your blood would vaporize and you would die. I'm not sure what it would be like to have your blood vaporize but my guess would be that it would hurt, quite a bit. The reason why your blood would vaporize is because there is a lack of pressure keeping it 'together' which allows the molecules to float into a vapor easily. If you take a look at a phase diagram (in this case a very generic one) you would see how that occurs.


    Is this a demonstration video for potential lethal executions? I don't think any state would allow it... maybe Texas? (I'm already bracing for someone to tell me something negative...)

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    this would be a good idea to demenstrate executions. and it tastes good afterwards. (unless you were demonstrating a lethal injection, in which case you probably shouldn't taste it... unless you're feeling VERY peckish.

    We use to do the same thing but with "peeps". 

    marshmallow man: EENAYCHUCK guy: omg wtf is happening? marshmallow man: OH CRAP STOP GROWING AAAAHHHH!!!! (pop)

    And why couldn't they do this to the stay puft marshmellow man in ghostbusters? it would've made the movie go by so much faster! lol

    i would love to do this at home. HOW????

    When his head goes sideways it looks like he is going crazy :-) -Alex

    poor tasty marhmellow man... now he must be turned of a flame and crushed between a dark brown material and two crunchier ones on either side... mmm, death smores... -not Alex

    wut would happen if you put one in space!?!?!?!?! >:~)

    Juest about the same as in the video. lol

    well, actually there wold be much less pressure in space (0) while there may be several hundred pounds to thousands of pounds of preussure that glass tank. a space-like vacuum probably would've destroyed the glass. maybe it would get really big really fast and tear apart, and shatter because it froze.