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So for Christmas we wanted to do something cool for our Managers at work. We decided to do custom footballs having all employees sign a "game ball". Well if you ever priced getting a customized football its rather cost prohibitive for 1, and we need 4. So I took on the task of customizing the balls with the company logo....should be easy, just google it...eh, not so easy for the DIYer it turned out....so I had to figure it out myself. 

The balls needed the company logo on them and it needed to be tough and resilient. With a base idea to use printable water slide decals I picked up at a hobby shop I ran some tests on a blank piece of leather and I found the right mix and technique to get them to work on leather.

Step 1: What you will need

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You need:

Printable water slide decal kit (available at any Hobby Shop) 
Water (2 bowls)
Water activated glue of your choice ( I used Gorilla glue, the fast cure type)
Computer, printer and photo editor of your choice.