Exercise Bike With Treadmill





Introduction: Exercise Bike With Treadmill

Quick and easy exercise bike using an ordinary bicycle and treadmill.

Step 1: Attach Stand

Start off with plain old treadmill. No need to modify the treadmill in anyway. Using an old piece of scrap metal got from and old weight bench to hold the front of the bicycle, I cabletied it to the frame of the treadmill. Anyone with some welding skills could make a similar stand.

Step 2: Insert Shaft

Insert threaded bar or two bolts on the stand to rest the bicycle frame.

Step 3: Attach Bicycle

Take the front wheel of your bicycle and pop it on the shaft and tighten the nuts . Easy as that. Digital display will give you the amount of miles and speed you are cycling. Simple as pie!



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    A great way to destroy the deck on your treadmill and then your belt.

    I tried this... at 5mph my treadmill quit working and gave me some error message. It's an older treadmill I picked up used but either way, it didn't work. I don't know if the problem is just that if you pedal just the slightest bit faster than what the motor on the treadmill is going it screws it up or what. If that's the case then it kind of defeats the point since pedaling and actually feeling any resistance what so ever instantly causes the treadmill to glitch out. I tried taking the drive belt off the motor on the treadmill to make it self propelled but now the walking belt won't budge... I'm at a loss here but either way it didn't work for me. Worked great in theory but didn't work in real life for me. I'm going to keep screwing around with it to see if I can't figure something out since I can't stand that treadmill anyways but as of right now... no dice.

    Wouldent the back end of the bike swerve around?

    Not if you pay attention. it might give it a more realistic feel.

    reminds me of a cat on a treadmill

    why not put the bike on high gear and lift the wheel off the ground

    If there is no resistance you will just be spinning the wheel. even in the highest gear you will not be getting a workout.

    what about ut a gear shifter to control the back breaks so you can control the resistance like those bikes at a school gym

    And you won't know how far you went or how many calories you burned....