Personal training is expensive. Yet people still benefit from the personal touch a fitness expert offers. My goal with this write-up is to inform you that you have options for DIY fitness education. I love personal trainers and wish everybody could hire one, however, supply and demand and the reality of cost prevent that from happening. I am giving everybody EQUAL access to professional exercise instruction!

Using 16 years of exercise knowledge, I save you money by teaching you how to exercise at your gym without hiring a personal trainer!
I utilized 4,000 hours of hands-on personal training experience to help you learn how to start and maintain a safe and effective exercise program. VIDEOS GALORE! You can teach yourself how to; stretch, warm up and cool down, perform cardio, and even perform your 1st beginner workout! You have no reason to spend money on a trainer again! (Unless you want the attention of that "hot" male or female trainer at your local club...haha..)

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FYI: I am 5'10" and 165 pounds. I consider myself "slim with muscle". This way you know I am not your typical meat-head trainer! :)Also, I have an instructables account where I have uploaded car repairs, lightbulb contraptions, 40,000 pages of my personal non-fiction library and more! All I am saying is, I am just like you but happen to be a fitness expert :)

Best of luck to your workout goals and health!

Justin S.
Founder www.FitnessPatterns.com

dermord, <br>You can do plenty of exercises at your house to lose weight! <br>I suggest: <br>pushups, situps, planks, lunges, squats, calf raises (better if you do these over the edge of a step/stairs) <br> <br>You can do dips using 2 chairs, or dips off of the edge of a bed. <br> <br>Also, the easiest way to lose weight, which takes TONS of self-control, is to not put the bad foods in your mouth. For example, avoid sweets, fats, and unnecessary snacks and replace them with whole grains, fruits, and vegetables! <br> <br>Eat less and move more my friend! You will be down to 62 kilos in no time. <br> <br>Fitness = behavior change. You are in control.....
hello man, i&acute;m trying to loose some weight. I measure 1.62 cm and weighing 80 kilos, I need to get to the 62 kilos and I can not afford a trainer, I have no weights. Could you recommend some exercises to do at home without weights and are to lose weight? I will thank you so much if you help me (I wanna impress my girlfriend :P)
Thank you for this.
pentiger, <br>You are welcome. Best of luck with your workouts. Ultimately, I want everyone to experience positive behavior change and a healthier life! $ does not prevent us from working out, we do! We can also be the ones to give ourselves credit for the results. Common denominator here; us!

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