Introduction: Exercising Card Game

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This simple card game is a good and fun way to make yourself exercise.

Step 1: Shuffle and Choose a Card

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Once you have shuffled the cards, choose the top card of the deck.

Step 2: Doing the Exercise

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If you choose a 9 you do either 9 push ups or 9 sit ups.

Aces are 11
Jacks are 12
Queens are 13
Kings are 14
Jokers are 15

Step 3: Continue

Continue steps 1 and 2 until you have done the entire deck, or whenever you want to stop.
Also don't forget to stretch after you do this.
Good Luck!


conmac863 (author)2015-06-17

Great job explaining the concept. We did something similar except:

Hearts=push-ups / Clubs=sit-ups / Spades=mountain climbers /Diamonds = 8 count body builders. Value of the card determines the reps. Aces get you 20.

We did it by squads one member sprints, gets a card, sprints back and the squad does the exercise/count then next squad member sprints etc... Great team building exercise. We had 3-4 squads compete until all the cards were gone (2 decks.)

Great job staying in shape and having fun doing it.

zjawesome (author)conmac8632015-06-18

Nice. I will have to try that.

ShadowPatriot90 (author)2015-06-16

I think this is a very simple, but clever idea to get a good work out!

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