Step 17: Install down pipe with spring clips

Picture of Install down pipe with spring clips
Here is how I got it to work.
  • First installed passenger side clip from under the car.
    • Held up the downpipe with my knee while attaching the clip
  • Install driver side clip from above the car.
    • I was able to pull the bottom of the pipe towards the drivers side, stretching the passenger side clip.  This  made it possible to install clip.  
    • It was hard to get the clamp off
Here is a link to the socket set I have Stanley 97-126 11 Piece 1/2-Inch Drive Metric Deep Impact Socket Set  
rseidman19 months ago

Where can I purchase the spring clamp replacement/removal tool. What is yours specifically called? Trying to find cheaper than $22 on Amazon.

marc.cryan (author)  rseidman19 months ago
I think this is the one I used:

You could probably make one.