Step 5: Rubber hangers

<p>Where can I purchase the spring clamp replacement/removal tool. What is yours specifically called? Trying to find cheaper than $22 on Amazon.</p><p></p>
I think this is the one I used:<br>http://www.partsplaceinc.com/products/product-detail.aspx?keyword=VW+Exhaust+Spring+Clip+Tool+VW+-120-849&amp;s=194&amp;&amp;sku=3515<br><br>You could probably make one.
late reply to VW diesel exhaust question ---- I have driven the car very little, so it is hard to say how good it really is. It has stayed on and exhaust comes out the end, and no where else. It does lean to one side, but it does not seem to matter.
How has it held up since then?

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