The Existential Emergency Phone is a multipurpose tool for handling all of life's uncertainties. It can be used for both dialing out and calling in. The way that it works is that when you pick up the handset, the telephone makes a call using a custom cellular module to a list of predefined phone numbers. Whether the phone calls a list of people you know, a list of people you don't know, or randomly dials strangers in your area code, is really up to you. Alternately, the number can be distributed to people with existential emergencies and they can dial in for others to answer. The many manners in which the phone can be used makes it well suited for processing existential emergencies both outgoing and incoming.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff

You will need:

(x1) red 2500-style no-dial phone
(x1) Arduino Uno
(x1) Cellular Shield
(x1) Ag1170 SLIC
(x1) PC Board
(x4) 1N4004 diodes
(x1) Prepaid SIM card
(x1) BZT03C82 or P6KE82 diode
(x4) 0.1uF ceramic capacitors
(x1) 220uF, 10V, Rubycon ZL capacitor
(x1) 100uF, 6.3v capacitor
(x1) 10uF, 25v capacitor
(x1) 1uF, 25v capacitor
(x1) 10ohm resistor
(x1) 7805 regulator
(x1) quad band antenna
(x1) 6" x 6" x 1/8" acrylic (bracket template below)
(x1) 6" x 6" x 1/8" mat white acrylic (sign template below)
(x1) M-type power socket
(x1) 9V / 1A power supply
(x1) Black acrylic paint
(x1) Double-sided tape
(x1) Contact adhesive
(x1) assorted shrink tube
(x1) assorted zip ties
(x1) assorted nuts and bolts (4-40 and 6-32 ideal)
(x1) 22awg wire (stranded - red, black, and green)
(x1) 22awg wire (solid - red, black, and green)
<p>I haven't built it yet, but I have been looking at it for quite a long time. This was actually one of the first instructables I found when I first discovered this website! Now, for my question. As I understand it, you can program your own custom numbers into the phone for it to dial. What if a bunch of people that built phones got together and exchanged phone numbers? That way, when you call out on your existential emergency phone, you contact another existential emergency phone, in addition to your other programmed numbers. Like I said, I haven't built one yet, but I look forward to doing so someday.</p>
<p>This is a great instructables, but as an electronics NOOB, I'm having problems with the circuit.</p><p>I am trying to use the AG1170 to send voltage to the ringer of an old rotary phone. I'm getting 5V out from the regulator circuit, but then no voltage appears to be coming out from the Tip / Ring circuit, even when the Arduino is sending High messages to Pins 3&amp;4.</p><p>Is there a straightforward way to send a ringing signal from the AG1170 circuit , so that I can test the output to the ringer, without using the Arduino? (I accidently blew up my Arduino last night with a loose wire...)</p><p>Also, there are two ceramic capacitors in the description and photos that don't make an appearance in the circuit... what are they for??</p>
another question will this work with the gprs shield?
the short awnser is no <br> <br>most at commands do carry over though
What is the purpose of this?
That is a great question.
What exactly constitutes an existential emergency?
You will know it when you encounter it. Or perhaps you won't.
Does anyone have a phone number for Jean-Paul Satre? If I'm having an existential crisis, does this phone also dial back in time so that I can actually speak to JPS? :)
Would this work using a landline instead? It would be silly to pay extra for a device that will be rarely used for outgoing calls, as I tend to get a lot of incoming calls on a landline more than my cell phone.
i don't see why not. You would just need to build an entirely different circuit.
Interesting. I'm not familiar with the ins-and-outs of the cellular shield, but a couple of things occur to me looking at the code. How does this dial people without an account to charge the call to? All cell phones I've ever seen can only dial 911 (by law) unless they have a paid account from a carrier. Should there be a step &quot;Insert SIM card for your cell account&quot; or something similar in this 'ible?<br> <br> This might be even better programmed to dial only 911 (or an appropriate emergency number, if you know a caped crimefighter). I'd also replace the ringer with a VERY bright LED and a high pitched intermittent beeper, an LED that would light up the entire phone body bright red. Instead of the legend, I'd have a round, blank red faceplate, and put a recessed pushbutton that would dial the emergency number. Then I'd put the entire thing on a pedestal under a glass dome cover on the sideboard...<br> <br> Sorry, I'm a child of the '60s and a total geek.
That's Step #6 of his linked Arduino Cellular Shield 'ible. <br>Poor practice to do a cold link like that without more background on what it involves, and even moreso when he does it as an ingredient but the ingredient isn't complete. <br>No chance you could put this together just using the parts list on Step 1.
As someone who has written 229 Instructables (on this account alone -- not to mention other accounts), I respectfully have to disagree with your analysis of my instructions. <br /> <br />Nonetheless, I decided to make that step its own project because it useful outside the scope of this project. It makes it easier for people to find the information they need to do their own project without first having to find and Existential Emergency Phone. <br /> <br />I have added the SIM card to the parts list. I don't think any other parts are missing.
Yes there is a SIM card. Follow the link in Step 4.
O2cool! IM4U.
Talking to GOD at Burning Man is as Existential as it can get..<br> <br> A
Voted 4 U
hi i need a help in this project <br> https://www.instructables.com/id/Psycho-Scooter-Scramble/?ALLSTEPS <br> could any body help me please.
wow, they still make phones that look like that? I haven't seen one like that in ~15 years.
Wow, this is a very useful invent.
Er... yes? <br> <br>When it's on random, who's the oddest person it's called?
Nobody called me... :-( <br> <br>But great job!!
I got called. But I missed the call. The message was funny!
Something I could do with !!!&hellip; <br>Many many thanks ! <br> <br>(but then if someone answers my call, how will I be able to look at my navel ???&hellip; <br>Gosh ! Life is filled with ambushes)
AWESOME!! My next project. THANKS!

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