Expand-a-Lung on the cheap! Dive further, deeper, longer on one breath.


Step 4: Production

Picture of Production
You can now secure the mouthpiece with your adhesive or zip tie, and begin to put the Expand-a-Lung company out of business. How they ever got to charge 40 bucks a pop for these things is beyond me, like salt lick fine art.  

A helpful link. 


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Tinworm1 year ago
ooooooh as someone who has NEVER seen anything like this, one thing to be aware of is that there are potentially people who might imagine this is like one of those James Bond underwater breathing gadgets! God forbid that they should try to use it underwater!!!

I realised only by looking at a YouTube review for an Expand-a-Lung that it is an lung exercising gadget.
In regards to your link to Salt Lick Fine Art I was reading in bewilderment and this quote should say it all haha.

"We'd had a couple of beers, and it just started looking more and more like art to us,"

I had one of those oooOOOOOOOOhhhh moments.