Step 12: Sew Cuff to Stocking

  • Fold cuff in half lengthwise, with right sides (fuzzy sides) together
  • Pin to the inside of the stocking along the upper edge
  • Sew all the way around this edge
  • Pull cuff to the outside of the stocking and fold over the edge
Wow, I am going to make one of these! What a neat idea!
I like how you used the red minkee with the white fleece.
Love it!
Would it work with velcro?
Absolutely/ The only more difficult thing with velcro is that it might be less attractive when open.
how about magnets?<br />
Yeah.. a magnetic strip
I love the magnet idea: When Santa goes a'stuffin it would lengthen with the extra weight and give the ol' boy a start.
Maybe if you used the small white velcro dots it wouldn't be to horrible.
Im eleven and for chrismas in my long stocking i got a.22 calibur hunting rifle and lots of ammo.
Hilarious and so very clever! Nice one!
OMG I love this!!!! *mental note: learn to sew*
Wonderful. :) Great idea!
This is genius! I'm making one for hubby to fill right now!
Very clever! Congrats on being featured. :-)
Very cool. I need to learn to sew.
this is so cool. I sent a link to a tailor friend of mine. I've wanted to learn how to sew, and this makes it even more appealing. These would be great gifts!
idea! make it more discrete (red zippers, red fabric) make more and make them smaller. then, when you feel like it (before christmas, obviously) unzip them every once in a while. then, your mom/parents/spouse/whoever gets you presents will have to keep getting more and more to fill your strangely expanding stocking!
This is hilarious! I'm not inclined toward sewing projects, but I just might take a chance on this one!
What a great idea! There are so many brilliant minds on instructables!
Love it - so cute! Saw it linked to on oneprettything.com
absolutely brilliant
that's awesome!
amazing!!*why didnt i think of that* i think to myself<br/>
dude, this is hilarious, what a great idea!

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