Introduction: Expanded Closet

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dividing it enlarges your closet and giving more uses to your wardrobe in a more orderly manner

Step 1: Choice a Pallet

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choose a pallet, which is 1 wide table support no cubes

Step 2: This Part Is Important

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cut this part in the size you need, remember this is the leg, of your division

you need 4 part, or more if your closet is too big

Step 3: Put the Leg

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Then put the leg in this way only need to put one in each corner of the base

Step 4: The Base

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The base is made, with the rest of the pallet

Step 5: Finish

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Put him in your closet, you can use the boxes of diapers, for easier access to your stuff

sorry for my poor level of english


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-31

Great way to improve storage space.

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