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My love for you, it expands to at least twice its volume...

Use expanding foam to create a unique Valentine's Day treasure for your loved one. Be sure to present it while it's still expanding for maximum impact, and make lots of jokes about how the expanding foam really is a lot like your love: sticky, bubbling, expanding, and made of nasty chemicals you really don't want on your skin. Attach the Valentines to the fridge, so everyone has to confront it sooner or later.

When pressed, insist that the Valentine was definitely not an after-thought, and that you were not just using up a can of foam, which was going to seal itself shut after you finished a real project.


Patrik (author)2008-02-19

Ah - so much more romantic than a set of diamond earrings! :-D

Lithium Rain (author)Patrik2008-05-25

For me, the part about this that's romantic is that when Eric saw an opportunity for artistic creation, his immediate thought was to tell Christy he loves her...

germanudo (author)2008-03-11

Does any body know's where that stuff doesn't stick too?I just had the idea to make big Letter from that foam. (for a sign)

Zetheros (author)2008-03-07

Lol, pretty awesome =)

GorillazMiko (author)2008-02-21

How cool! I thought it said DIE too. :P +1 rating.

zachninme (author)2008-02-18

Does that second one say "DIE"?!

ewilhelm (author)zachninme2008-02-19

C + E !!!

canida (author)2008-02-14

Thank you!
So very sincere, and lovely in that geeky-reuse sort of way.

Sypran (author)2008-02-13

interesting... ill try it!

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