Step 4: Inner Frame Double Thickness

The double thickness of the inner frame can be seen in this next photo
<p>What did you do about the edge? Did you just leave the wood visible or did you paint it or..?</p>
<p>Thanks ! it worked perfectly for me ! I added some brackets for extra reinforcement as the pictures show ...</p>
<p>Good idea about adding the brackets Ian, I should have done that.</p>
don't worry i had to mod my particle board entertainment center too to fit my computers. I hate partice board but might use that for pattern to make a real wood unit. real wood is sustainable by the way.
nice look what about pattern makin did you fill like this was making a pattern to then use to make one out of real wood maybe even cherry or black walnut to do that the panels would be vaneer plywood and edges 3/4 by 2 inch real hard wood. I like my cd horzontal so i can read who it is without having to kink my neck. many older entertainment cabinets had these plastic inserts left space betwqeen disc so you can get hold of their cases. I want one that hold four hundred in walnut . yours is good looking and has that built in look
Woohoo~ EXACTLY the hack I was looking for! Thank you!!
I've been unsuccessfully looking for an Expedit on ebay for a few months with the hope to do this to it. might go and buy a new one now I know it can be done. <br /> <br /> thanks.<br />
&nbsp;Craigslist is the place to go for used Ikea stuff - Expedit, billys, futon frames, Ektorps, you name it. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> People seem to buy Ikea furniture as disposable or short term solutions to a particular need so there is always a steady supply of IKEA , cheap, sometimes free, usually a gotta get rid of this now type listing.
Fantastic - exactly what I need to do to an Expedit Bookcase for my daughter's bedroom and was wondering how to do it. Thanks a lot for sharing your brilliant idea.
Cardboard honeycomb inside furniture. What's happening to the world?? Cardboard is freeee, but people pay for it at ikea?
nice to see an expedit hack ... i have been thinking about one myself. we need to fit a laser printer into an expedit, but they (the printers) don't come slim enough to fit. so i was wondering if one could make one of the compartments wider. you have already shown how to make them lower, but i wonder if anyone has managed to cut one of the long boards without sacrificing stability to much and with finding a nice solution to seal the cut.
This should *so* be in the <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/group/ikeahacks/">Ikeahacker group</a>.<br/>

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