Expensive Looking Indoor Plant in a Glass Case





Introduction: Expensive Looking Indoor Plant in a Glass Case

Walking past an expensive furniture store the other night, I saw a cool looking fern sitting inside a glass box. I thought this would make for an easy first instructable. Though it's not the hardest thing to assemble, it's a cool design idea that can be easily replicated for next to nothing.

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project, you'll need 3 things.
1. Soil. Use the organic kind. $1.00's worth should be plenty.
2. Plant, I chose a small fern. $2.99 at my local nursery.
3. A glass container with an open top. I found this round number at my local thrift store for $3.99. It went to a good cause.

Step 2: Clean the Glass Container and Dry It

I recommend using soap and water.

Dry it thoroughly so the soil doesn't stick to the glass later on...

Step 3: Test Fit Your Plant

Gently place the plant inside the container to see how it will fit. The fern I chose will need to be trimmed to fit inside snugly. It's entirely up to your aesthetics.

Step 4: Trim Your Plant, If Necessary

I decided to cut some branches off my fern to create a more pleasing composition inside the container. I saved the clippings and I'll attempt to grow them later. If it works, I'll post that instructable.

Step 5: Place the Plant Into the Container & Add Soil

Carefully remove the plant from the container it came in. Gently place the plant inside your container. Add enough soil to fill in the container up to the same depth as the plant. Gently pack in the soil.

Step 6: Water the Plant

Add enough water to saturate the soil, but don't overdo it, the container does not have a hole to drain out excess, so you'll need to water just the right amount.

Step 7: Enjoy Your New Indoor Planty Glassy Thing!

That's it!



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    Loved your comment "Yup, this is an expensive furniture store. Perfect place to find instructables!"

    Throwing a Bonsai tree into one of these glass containers would look wicked cool. Great idea and awesome instructable!

    How would you get the bonsai out to trim? I'd look like a bush again in a matter of months without pruning. Other than that, it would look awesome

    When I have the time, I will do that!

    1st Instructible? It looks great; clear instructions, nice pictures, even good grammar and spelling. I hope we see more from you soon. You even make me want to get off my lazy butt and try to contribute too.

    You could add a layer of gravel (pea gravel works great), glass pebbles or marbles, or even Styrofoam packing peanuts beneath the soil, and that will allow for drainage. I do that with all my plants that I plant in planters that don't have drainage holes. Plus, it would look cool being visible through the clear glass, in my opinion (well, the Styrofoam peanuts might not look so good...but glass or gravel would).

    Anyway, thanks for the cool Instructable!

    Those cuttings wont mature into a plant if its a true fern. Each one of those fronds are single leaves of the fern. If you want to have starts, look near the base and you might be able to split a new plant off. It needs some size before you attempt that though.

    one thing I add to any terrarium-type project is charcoal-not regular BBQ grill type charcoal, but specially treated- you can find it at your local nursery or garden center. It acts as a oxegenator for the plant. As there is a lack of proper drainage and air-flow in these types of containers. The only problem then, is your "little" ferns outgrowing their environment....but that's another project