Did you know that you can easily regrow green onions at home? All you need is a cup of water, soil and a little sun. If you already knew that you could regrow these vegetables at home, well I'm took it a step further. I did an experiment to see if green onions grow better in water or soil.

Step 1: Materials

  • green onions
  • glass of water
  • pot of soil

Step 2: Procedure

Place a set of green onions in a glass of water and the other in a pot of soil.

Step 3: Watch As the Onions Grow

Watch the video to see the results of this experiment.

Do you think the onions grew better in water or soil?

<p>Excellent.... I hope to see more &quot;experiments&quot; on instructables.</p>
<p>Thanks, am glad you like it! Do you have any garden related experiment ideas? </p>
<p>What is more efficient, LED lights or halogen? If LED, what color(s)?</p><p>This said, I will regrow my green onions. Thank you!</p>

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