Picture of Experimental coffee cup micro lens
This instructable shows you how to make a low quality micro lens for a DSLR camera using coffee cups, a magnifying glass and black tape only.

Step 1: Materials

You will need three coffee cups, black tape and a large magnifying glass (about 2"in diameter).
sfcsarah5 years ago
is it durable and stiff enough though? for the purpose?

There is another instructable here using a bottle cap to move the lens back and forth, and that seems more functional.
5inister (author)  sfcsarah5 years ago
First of all thanks for your comment.

The lens described here may not be the most durable but you can build another one for under a dollar and it is stiff enough for mostly any indoor use.

The idea behind this lens is not so much function as the unique visual effect you get when you take photographs through non-photographic optics. It also aims to teach that a commercial lens is nothing more than a hollow darkened tube with an image forming element.

Hope this clears things up a little.