This instructable shows you how to make a low quality micro lens for a DSLR camera using coffee cups, a magnifying glass and black tape only.

Step 1: materials

You will need three coffee cups, black tape and a large magnifying glass (about 2"in diameter).
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is it durable and stiff enough though? for the purpose?<br /> <br /> There is another instructable here using a bottle cap to move the lens back and forth, and that seems more functional.<br />
First of all thanks for your comment. <br /> <br /> The lens described here may not be the most durable but you can build another one for under a dollar and it is stiff enough for mostly any indoor use.<br /> <br /> The idea behind this lens is not so much function as the unique visual effect you get when you take photographs through non-photographic optics. It also aims to teach that a commercial lens is nothing more than a hollow darkened tube with an image forming element.<br /> <br /> Hope this clears things up a little.<br />

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