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In this Instructable, we'll have a look at a great party trick.

You can impress people at the party or yourself :)

How to explode a balloon without touching it?

Magnifying glass? Yes, but not this time.

Trick is very simple.

Step 1: Distraction

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Distract the audience by hovering your hand over the balloon.

If you are lucky enough, balloon should explode.

Step 2: The Secret

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Secret of the trick is juice from orange skin or any other citrus fruit skin.

Tiny drop of juice will make the balloon pop.

There are a few way to perform the trick.

You can wet the finger with the juice and touch the balloon.

By doing that, balloon will explode.

Another way to do it is by squeezing the skin in direction of the balloon.

You can try to do it discreetly with another hand.

The amount of juice needed is very little.

3rd way to do it is by wetting your hand with the juice.

Move your hand on top of the balloon and try to shake off a drop of juice.

Unfortunately, it's not that easy to do it. It will require a lot of oranges to get enough juice to make your hands wet enough.


AndrewL258 (author)2016-11-08

Here is a video comparing items that could pop a balloon.
Has anyone tried a d-limonene softgel or a way to use that instead of an orange?

owen109 made it! (author)2015-07-12

yay I'm weird yay

danlol1 (author)owen1092016-02-24

I agree owen

danlol1 (author)2016-02-24

Cool tricks

MCcashregister (author)2015-05-18

very interesting, now how do you blow it up magically?

mz2015 (author)MCcashregister2015-06-19

has citrus fruit juice on his fingers so when he touches the balloon the citrus acid disolves it and it pops

EToft (author)MCcashregister2015-05-19

YouTube search King of Random (not me). keywords=

king of random liquid nitrogen balloon

Blow up your balloons and tie them off. Freeze with liquid nitrogen...they will deflate. Keep them cold in a cooler filled with dry ice or LN. When you pull them out, they will magically inflate. Then go for the orange oil trick.

ShakeTheFuture (author)EToft2015-05-20

Oh, i thought "MCcashregister" was asking about popping.

I watched that video, amazing.

With distraction and orange skin juice.

Try it out. It does not take a lot of juice.

Just make sure balloon is not too soft. When I first tried it out, I was surprised how little juice was needed. I could not even see it.

AadityaS (author)2015-05-31


ShakeTheFuture (author)2015-05-20


Bugsley (author)2015-05-18

Try squeezing the rind into the open flame of a candle. The mini blowtorch is from some type of oil in the rind. Great Instructable! Thanks.

gogoguy (author)Bugsley2015-05-18

What will that do?

Bugsley (author)gogoguy2015-05-20

The oils will produce a blue sputtering flame. I believe these oils may be what pops the balloons.

spylock (author)2015-05-17

Really cool,have you tried other juices to see if one works better than another,I would think lemon,lime or grape fruit would be higher in citric acid,and only assuming that citric acid is whats popping the balloon.Great able,looks like a lot of fun.

ShakeTheFuture (author)spylock2015-05-18

I only tried oranges.

I also tried citric acid granules (one you can buy for cooking) mixed with water. It did not work.

spylock (author)ShakeTheFuture2015-05-19

OK,maybe I will give a couple others a try,thanks for getting back to me,and again,a really cool and fun post.

chocolatecraftkits (author)2015-05-18

I just tried it with a drop of bottled lemon oil (you can buy it at a grocery store in the spices and flavors section). Exploded like a firecracker! Wow!

Good to know. That makes all the procedure cheaper and easier - in case you want to do a magic performance :)

Great info.


firefightermeyer (author)2015-05-18


aaronperezb (author)2015-05-18

Nice application of the limonene contained in orange peel. It is capable to solve plastics such as rubber in balloons or styrofoam in balls. In this case, the pressure inside the ballon does the rest

tomatoskins (author)2015-05-14

I never knew that orange juice was acidic enough to do something like this. Thank you so much for sharing!


I was also surprised.

I tried citric acid granules mixed with water as well as orange juice, but it did not work.

Turns out skin holds very strong acid.

M!key (author)ShakeTheFuture2015-05-18

The oil in the skin is quite a good solvent. That is why it is used in environmentally kind cleaners and degreasers. In this case, it is powerful enough to at least partially dissolve the rubber of the balloon, weakening it to the point where it bursts. Any citrus oil will do the same - but not the juice. Good job STF :)

ShakeTheFuture (author)M!key2015-05-18

Great info, Thanks!

gogoguy (author)2015-05-18

Cool! What in the orange makes it explode?

ShakeTheFuture (author)gogoguy2015-05-18

Don't have a clue :)

JonathanV1 (author)2015-05-18



Sufyan Ahmed (author)2015-05-18


I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks!

lifeinbeats (author)2015-05-17

What if you put some on your fingertips and from a distance away did a sort of exploding motion with your hand, thereby flinging the juice off of your fingers onto the balloon? Sort of like:

That could work. Only problem is to get enough juice from the skin.

I only tried it with 1 type of orange. Some oranges will have more juice in the skin than others. The ones I tried, did not make the "magic" trick easy to do.

I would need to go through many oranges.

Nrgdragon (author)2015-05-17


ShakeTheFuture (author)Nrgdragon2015-05-18


seamster (author)2015-05-14


I knew the rind-juice was flammable, but this is just as bizarre. Who knew?

thundrepance (author)seamster2015-05-17

well, it's not really juicy; it's oily

ShakeTheFuture (author)seamster2015-05-15

That's why peeling oranges near balloons is not a good idea :)

User1 (author)2015-05-17

Don't try to kid me! That was magic!!!!

gravityisweak (author)2015-05-15

Wow! It's always so much fun to find out something so simple that you've never heard of before. This may sound strange but I was just having a conversation with my cousin a few weeks ago about how to pop a lot of balloons really quickly. She owns a balloon business and has the task of popping all the balloons on things like balloon arches and decorations at the end of events. She was looking for a better way to do it than just poking each one with a pin. This could be the start of a solution to that problem. On that note, if anyone has other ideas on how to do that feel free to tell me about them.

24shiny42 (author)gravityisweak2015-05-17

A super soaker full of lemon juice!

I hate popping balloons or blowing them up. It would be a nightmare to do that kind of job :)

I guess after popping 100 balloons you get used to it.

Pfarmkid (author)gravityisweak2015-05-16

Fire like stringstretcher said or a spray bottle filled with citrus oil.

Fire. A mini torch should do the trick.

wannabemadsci (author)2015-05-14

I believe it is a reaction between the citric acid in the juice and the natural latex in the balloon. The latex just looses structural integrity very fast under the attack of the juice.

I bought citric acid and mixed it with the water.

It did not pop the balloon. Maybe I had to make it stronger.

it's limonene that does it, not acid.

bravoechonovember1 (author)2015-05-15

wow amazing!!

how did you find this out?

My dad told me. When I asked how does he know it, he could not remember, but said that he might have heard it on the radio. So i tried it out.

I did a Youtube search and surely, there are videos about it.

One of the earliest that I could find:

Raitis (author)2015-05-14

Can't you hold the peel between two fingers and press there? Should be possible to pull off with a piece small enough.

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