Picture of Exploding Booby Trap Gift Box
This Instructable will show you how to 'booby trap' a box with party poppers and surprise whoever opens it.

I first tried this on my Dad at Christmas last year, and ever since I've done the same to every present I given to someone.

It doesn't take long to do, and even if you're given a really crappy present to someone, they'll remember the surprise they got when they opened the box.
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Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need
You'll need:

• 1 CardBoard Box (to put your gifts inside)
• 4 Party Poppers
• 4 Matches
• Glue Gun
• A small screwdriver ( or something with a sharp point)
• Something nice to put in the box (optional)

Step 2: Glueing the poppers to the box

Picture of Glueing the poppers to the box
• Remove the paper sleeve from around the party popper. This will let the glue bond to the popper better.

• Apply some glue to the side of the party popper, and attach to the edge of one of the box flaps with the string facing the inside of the box. Important: (Glue the party popper about 2cm from the edge of the flap, so the box lid can close properly.)

• Repeat this for all 4 flaps on the box.
NatNoBrains4 years ago
I've though of this before but never actually made it!

wow, good for you.

Aspen611 months ago

This will be a perfect surprise for my son's "booby trap / secret agent" birthday party :)

You could just get one of those boxes where the lid is separate from the box. Take the party poppers and glue the bottom to the bottom of the box. Then glue the string to the lid. When they take the lid off, the string will pull.
jhof13 years ago
I'm a little confused, what is the purpose of the matchstick?
gamer70014 years ago
Awesome but I like pie better.
the poodleo4 years ago
wait does it physically explode? what are party poppers? can u plz put in a video
It cant explode because they are inside the box so it will just make a loud pop and when you open it there would be a lot of confetti inside.
duballf (author)  Electroinnovation4 years ago
Thats why step 3 is marked as important. The postion you glue the strings to the box determines when the popper explodes as the person opens the box.

If you glue the strings in the correct position, the poppers will fire confetti and streamers out of the box as it's being opened!
duballf (author)  the poodleo4 years ago
Party poppers "emit a loud popping noise by means of a small friction-actuated explosive charge that is emitted by pulling a string or by compressed air released when released." Wikipedia. They normally blow out confetti or streamers as you pull the string.

You should be able to buy them pretty cheaply from a party shop, dollar or pound shop, and at most supermarkets.
Biggsy4 years ago
How fiendish! I ran a RP game a few weeks ago where the people in the game received exploding boxes... I may use this idea ot scare the bajeebus out of my players ta :D
kelseymh4 years ago
Instead of the wooden match sticks, you can also use toothpicks. When I first read the bill of materials, I thought you were planning to light fuses or something equally illegal hazardous :-)