Introduction: Exploding Creeper 2.0 [] MCPE

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A Exploding Creeper that is also a 3D Model!

Step 1: Start With the Feet, Please.

Picture of Start With the Feet, Please.

Just be a little Scribbly, This will help it look more like the it came from the real world!

Step 2: 2nd Foot.

Picture of 2nd Foot.

Cop the first foot, but have the second one be a mirror image of it.

Step 3: 3rd Foot.

Picture of 3rd Foot.

Do the same thing as the second foot step.

Step 4: 4th Foot.

Picture of 4th Foot.

Same thing as second and third foot step.

Step 5: The Magnificent Body!

Picture of The Magnificent Body!

Be scribbly on this one too. as you get more above, make the creeper Fatter. Three more blocks high, then get back to the skinny body.

Step 6: Now Fill With TNT.

Picture of Now Fill With TNT.

Make sure to not have a flint and steel in hand, you might ruin your creation.

Step 7: Finish With Head and Fill With... Oh No... Kaboom!

Picture of Finish With Head and Fill With... Oh No... Kaboom!

Finish with the head, and fill with TNT. You are now finished.

Step 8: Finished!

Picture of Finished!

Step 9: Please Subscribe to My YouTube Channel!

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Same name as my instructable's. Thank You!


Nice! And adorable drawing! :D

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