Exploding Creeper 2.0 [] MCPE





Introduction: Exploding Creeper 2.0 [] MCPE

A Exploding Creeper that is also a 3D Model!

Step 1: Start With the Feet, Please.

Just be a little Scribbly, This will help it look more like the it came from the real world!

Step 2: 2nd Foot.

Cop the first foot, but have the second one be a mirror image of it.

Step 3: 3rd Foot.

Do the same thing as the second foot step.

Step 4: 4th Foot.

Same thing as second and third foot step.

Step 5: The Magnificent Body!

Be scribbly on this one too. as you get more above, make the creeper Fatter. Three more blocks high, then get back to the skinny body.

Step 6: Now Fill With TNT.

Make sure to not have a flint and steel in hand, you might ruin your creation.

Step 7: Finish With Head and Fill With... Oh No... Kaboom!

Finish with the head, and fill with TNT. You are now finished.

Step 8: Finished!

Step 9: Please Subscribe to My YouTube Channel!

Same name as my instructable's. Thank You!



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