Exploding Door Prank!


Introduction: Exploding Door Prank!

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Learn This easy prank that will scare the crap out of your friends and family! Easy to set up and costs less then $1. I pranked my girlfriend! Watch and Find out how.

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Step 1: What You Need..

All you need for this one is a pack of pulling fireworks. These are sold at convenience stores, magic shops, and firework stores. (party poppers will work as well) They usually are sold really cheap two packs of 12 are about a dollar.

or you can buy them here for a incredible 15 cents for a pack of 12
The Firework Guys

Step 2: The Setup

This prank takes about 30 second to setup. All you have to do is tie the string to both sides of the door lock so that when the door is opened the firework will explode. You could also tape or tie these fireworks inside a fridge, microwave, cabinet, car door... ect...

Step 3: The Payoff!

Wait for someone to come home and get ready to laugh!

Step 4: Dont Get Punched!

Be sure to duck so that you dont get punched in the head for pulling a prank on your friends! hahaha my buddy thought he was getting shot at and took a swing at me!

check out my other instructional videos on Metacafe

and add me on myspace



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    Shut up you miserable fool your screams falll upon deaf ears!.

    the 2nd prank was totally faked... he punched you with an open hand

    1 reply

    watch closer. If you pause around 1:09, You can see that he swung with his right fist while his left hand remained open. and... does it matter anyway??? this video was for instructional purpose... the comedy aspect just made it more interesting :)

    manm that last dude took a swing at you cause he though you were gonna pop a cap in his arse lol

    1 reply

    LMAO! Thats what he was saying... "dude I thought i was getting shot at! I didnt mean to punch you!

    the best prank is to leave the door slightly open and put a bucket of oatmeal on top.

    did that to my bro XD

    big boys toys by my house is going out of business 50% off of everything i have so many of these party things i got em for 7 cents a box

    did ur friend attack you or sumpthin

    yeah, and if u fill the popper with flour or baking powder or somthin its like a big dust cloud.


    can bon-bon charges work?

    Thats great
    That video was so funny

    me giggling = you getting =5 ratings

    1 reply

    I love doing that at home like when someone comes home from work and opens the door, or when my bro in law is leaving I get the door or his truck rigged and then I grab an airsoft gun and RUN for my life...

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    Anyway, I'll order few packs and start having fun in school Thanks lad!

    My dad used to do this to me when I was a kid. I never knew how he did it. Thanks for showing me! -OtherCat

    This gives me an idea. Couldn't you just cut the strings to the appropriate lengths and put the ALL AROUND the edges of the door? That would make for one massive explosion and one very angry friend/girlfriend/relative.

    lol i did that with 5 strings in my refridgerator and forgot they were there and i accidently set them off on my self i scared the crap out of my self lol

    HAHAHA awesomethat was good :P

    -kewl person