this instructable shows you how to make an exploding creeper

Step 1: Supplies

you will need

a piece of printer paper
a printer
firecracker (more powerful than a pull popper like in later pics not to big though)
glue or tape or both

Step 2: Constuction

print out a creeper paper craft picture from online
cut out the head body and legs
fold them and tape or glue then to keep them in the proper shape
make sure to cut a slit in the head or body for fuse or if you firecracker is to large cut an opening for it
you can also cut a hole in the top of the body and the bottom of the head to put a larger firecracker in
tape or glue the head to the top of the body and the top of the legs to the bottom of the body
finally you have an explosive creeper!

(like i said before don't use a pull popper it's not powerful enough)

Step 3: Enjoy and BE SAFE

do enjoy but be warned
this is dangerous
i'm not responsible for you injuries
and DON'T hold you paper creeper (it'll hurt)

hopefully you've enjoyed this instructable and if you did vote for it (it would be nice if i won)
<p>suuuuperrrrrrrr gineous!</p>
Can u add a vid of this in action?
If you touch it, will it go BOOM!?
* surprised/disappointed sound* Yes Napa, yes it will.
this looks epic but you should tag a video on to it
It looks awesome Tag a video on it though
Too bad firecrackers aren't allowed in NJ.
hahaha awesome, video really needs to be attached to this xD
Love it! Though a video of it in action would definitely add to this 'ible!

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