This is a simple overview on how to make explosives from ordinary salt: No going out and buying stuff, which everyone likes because going out and buying stuff is for wussies who cant improvise.

When your done you will have changed salt from sodium cholride to sodium chlorate. Which when mixed with aluminum can make a very powerful explosive powder.

You might also wana try mixing some Drano-lye-sodium hydroxide-caustic soda into the bottle when electrolyzing the mix. it might speed it up and make for purer sodium chlorate

Warning: Drano-Lye-Sodium hydroxide is nasty shnitzle
i got some in my eyes when i was makeing a drano bomb well i was trying to make a row of 4 and one exploded early in my face
it burned for like 30 mins then my eyes watered for like 5 days

Warning: this is a unstable explosive it can explode if exposed to static or shock so do not shake
This can make low to med quality Sodium Chlorate when compared to a bomb i made whith potasium nitrate (grants stump remover)

all results are rough compared useing frame by frame Fps

All mixed with aluminum real Black powder being the control

potasium nitrate 80%
sodium chlorate 60%

New Add on
Battery times

1 9V 2 Days
2 9V 1 Day
3 9V 12HR
Power Wheelz Battery 8H

Duck tape :
According to my research, you should not mix chlorates with sulfur or sulfides, other wise the mixture will become shock and friction sensitive when moist.

use stainles steel for the elictrolisis, as in fuelcells, it wont be eaten, im going to use my fuel cell to make this stuff.
use salt with out iodein as it stains evry thing it touches.
mind you , you can use iodein in some explosives may make it more powerfull.

Duck tape
(i think)
You need to boil it, or it won't work. Apparently, you are making sodium hydroxide. Then, the chlorine gas bubbles through it to make sodium hypochlorite. The sodium hypochlorite has to be decomposed into sodium chlorate by way of boiling the solution

i am sory i can not help i am closeing this instructable nothing new will be added
as of now

this works and if i will not work for you it is becouse you did not do a step right
++ Kill Wog

Step 1: The First thing

Sodium chloride is salt. We're going to break it down and make sodium chlorate, which is an oxidizer. Now all you need is something to oxidize(I recommend aluminum but magnesium works the best). You can use zinc but i don't know how that will turn out(I never made a bomb with that).

Step 1: Get the first ingredient - you can grind down one of the following you can get ahold of:

(get a coffee grinder and grind some aluminum foil into powder)
(break an etch-a-sketch open)

(any store in the camping Coleman section its that silvery rectangle grind it)

zinc =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
(98% zinc in pennies after the 90's) Do not Deface money the Fed's put chips in them
(zinc stops rust on boats and tires most tires have a zinc

sugar(poor performance basicaly makes it just smoke)

warning: Do not inhale the dust from an etch-a-sketch or when grinding because yo can die


also can u use this by its self or do ya need KNO3 coz i dont have any and i cant find grants stump remover though i do have tooth paste with pot nit in it though how do i get it out of there . plazxz commentzz sonnz
Home DePhO has grants stump remover for 5$ a pound Just make the stuff outa salt and mix it with aluminum powder from aluminum foil and a 20$ or so grinder you don't need kno3 its just another oxidizer you can try explosive powder 101: For an explosive reaction all you need is an oxidizer and fuel for it to oxidize the best example is thermite its not an explosive but about the amount the size of a quarter can put a hole in someones car from the hood to the AZZPhalt in this reaction the oxidizer is iron oxide witch is just plain old rust the fuel is aluminum when mixed 50:50 and exposed to high heat suck as magnesium (the stuff in most party sparklers) that starts the reaction witch is rapid burning and consumption of oxigen it dosnt explode but thats the basic idea of explosives
i speak under correction but these things that you are making are not true explosives as in p4 type explosives ,they do not infact detonate but actually just combust very rapidly and when confined in a small space create a pseudo explosion (thats not to say less powerful) as the pressure build up to the point where the container bursts .would this be a correct assumption.
KNO3 is an oxidizer, as is this sodium chlorate...so no you dont need it with this, u can use that instead of sodium clorate, i heard that works better, but im more of a bum and dont have a lot of money (cuz im 14) and this kind of stuff doesnt go down well with the parents...just use aluminum/magnesium/zinc powder with this or the KNO3 or u can use sugar for a smoke bomb
how the hell do you grind alluminium foil???
forgot to say; " how do you grind alluminium foil, with out a coffe grinder?" sos bout that lol
google ball mill
umm blender maybe? lol otherwise use sugar for a smoke bomb or magnesium/zinc powder
thanks al try that : )
you can get zinc from the bag inside of an alkaline battery. Wear gloves though.
haha just though of this...those are in series andddd your shorting them all they can all heat up pretty quickly no? just like when you snap 2 of those 9V together they both heat up because they are shorting each other out...soooo put a small light bulb in the line? idk <sup>_</sup> just something that popped into my head<br/>
The water takes care of that... no need for a light buld..... But idk i use Carbon rods and i use a AC/DC charger
you dont understand electricity do you- the current is the bulk lot of negitively charged elcectrons going towards the parts where there are no electrons. it doesnt swap sides it equals out. they need to run to something other wise your over loading it.
oh yeah what i also ment to put in is because you don't have any sort of resistor (like a light bulb) between the two peripherals of the battery all the electrons try passing through at the same time- this is where the heat comes from- you shouldn't have thins problem if you running it through the water- water works as a resistor.
Um, I was doing something like this, but I was cleaning a coin, and had the batteries in a series like that. After about a minute they started making little popping noises and got hot enough to burn me when I took them apart.
you were cleaning a coin with electricity?
Well, with electrolysis. But, yeah.
i gotta try that now
that equation is incorrect!<br /> <br /> this is how it works<br /> nacl+3H2O= NaClO3+ 3H2<br /> <br /> and another thing, it is pssible to do this at lower temperatures, to keep the salt from forming a hydroxide simply add hydrochloric acid in every now and then but it will take a VERY long time.<br /> <br /> also the author failed to mention a thing about the most ready avalible electrode avalible, the carbon rod, which can be found inside any dry cell battery ( not lithium or rechargable).<br /> <br /> <br /> another thing,the blue stuff is normal if your using copper as the electrode, that blue stuff is simpy copper oxide, the problem with your reaction is its too cold and the salt isnt oxidizing, the electrode is. btw if you burn that blue stuff it will make a green flame<br /> <br /> lastly, as i pointed out before, adding hydrochloric acid will get you a better yeild of naclo3, plus any exess will avapourate when it cant turn into sodium chloride<br /> <br /> hcl + naoh = nacl + h20<br /> <br /> it will nuetralise as soon as the hydroxide is formed
&nbsp;When I do this, I end up with a bunch of blue powdery stuff (A LOT OF IT) in the bottom of my bottle. Is this normal?
&nbsp;Oh, and the water also turned black.
First of all, you don't get sodium chlorate. All you get is: NaCl+H2O=NaOH+Cl2+H2 (You get sodium hydroxide, chlorine gas, and hydrogen.)!!!<br /> To get sodium chlorate, you need to do an electrolysis of a HOT (&gt;80 degrees celcius) sodium chloride (table salt) solution: NaCl+H2O=NaClO3+H2. Otherwise, you will get internal injuries from the chlorine gas (die).<br /> Sorry for my englisch. =)<br />
Will this make any toxic gases?<br />
Ok so to clear somethings up. one 9v battery won't do crap. for 100g of NaCl you need 380+ Ah where a 9v has like 0.15 Ah The best anode is platinum (too expensive the second best is Lead Dioxide I'm making an instructable right now on simple construction of a PbO2 anode. I'm currently running a 100g cell to test my anode.<br /> I'm running it 12V at 5.84A and I can make perchlorates with this electrode so in 4 days I'll have sodium perchlorate.<br /> check out this <a href="http://www.vk2zay.net/calculators/chlorates.php" rel="nofollow">calculator</a> thats what I used to calculate running time. <br />
How fast would 240 volts do it?
hey... GREAT! an instructable on making sodium chlorate!!! but i need a little help: so i used a 9V DC old phone charging thing, and some plastic-coated grey-colored wire and some pretty saturated salt water and used hot glue to glue the wire to the cap. I plugged it in and after 5 mins, sure enough, 1/2 in of the exposed nonbubbling wire was dissolved. and a whole bunch of black stuff started gathering on the bottom and rust-colored substance floated to the top after 15 minutes. a LOT. so i was wondering... is this normal? once i finish that part of the process (according to your ible - 48 hours or 2 days), and boil it, is it going to turn all white? and another thing - should i pour out all the stuff and boil it, or leave the black or rusty stuff (or both?) out of the boiling process? i really want to make this stuff... thx for your ible! PLEASE answer!!! (before i finish the electrolysis process, preferably).
The black stuff is dissolved wire.It is normal.You have to filter it through a coffee filter to make it pure.
Usb is DC. The more voltage (10-30V) the better. This will allow more current to flow and therefor a faster reaction speed.
im pretty sure usb is alternating current isn't it? computers run on ac dont they, or does the power unit convert it?
The main power supply converts the ac to dc after the voltage has been lowered. I.E.- <br/>&lt;&lt;MAIN 120V AC IN&gt;&gt;<br/>ac 120 in &lt;transformer&gt; ac less than 3.3-12v out<br/>ac 3.3-12v in &lt;&lt;diode&gt;&lt;capacitor&gt;&gt; to convert it to pure dc<br/>&lt;&gt;out&lt;&gt; <br/>The computer will send pure DC power on one wire and two others for the actual data signals. Pin config: +5 data- data+ ground (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Serial_Bus#USB_cables) :-)<br/>
when you electrolize salt-water you should get your sodium chlorate, but what you also produce is chloride-gas. but should you keep the chloride gas inside the bottle (under pressure)?? or should you make holes in the cap, so that the gas can escape ??
i would make holes in the cap so the as could escape so that the bottle does not explode from internal pressure
is it possible to use a severed usb cable to do the electrosis- i have no batteries but huge amounts of old usb stiff that dont work- i think the usb is ac current so im not sure if it would work- btw the current is at 5 volts
It would work but would be dangerous with ac current.
im just curiouse as to how it would make it dangerouse, im not disagreeing id just like to know. (i do physics and chemistry at school so imkinda into atoms etc)
Well, AC stands for alternating current.When the current goes into the water,it does a complete circle and heads back up the wires,overheating the transformer which then catches on fire.
The hydrogen and chlorine would come off the same wire and would spontaneously combust.
i tryed this with 110vac 15 amps andit made CLHORINE GAS so i went with 5 volts 2 amps
The computer power supply converts 120V AC (1-2 amps) to several different voltages at DC.
hey what happened, after electrolysis i boiled off the water and left it to dry and it was a light blue color but it didn't burn and i don't know what or how i got it. could it be a salt?
Mine is blue to and I can't figure out what happened to it.
hey ive onli got copper wire with no clips to go on batts so wat can i do and you said it will disolve in half a day if i use copper wire so if i put 10 batts on will they explode or work?? plaz comment back on predetor__@hotmail.com
Jaza: just use the graphite in a num 2 penzl duck tape: noooooooo!!!!! plz for the sake of everyone in that house just let it sit out in the sun for a day or 2 $T.ars3nic: the one on totse is Cr@p i read it 2 times its hard to understand and the way its explained the person must not have even did it before he posted it the whole things really unpractical glassspider2142: ya the damn but pipe goverment put some blockers in the nitrate so we can't use it no more for explosives but who cares grant's stump remover is salt petter and its only 5$ a pound the main thing in TNT gunpowder black powder Ko3 Baby just mix it whith magnesium or aluminum powder and Boom
will 3.7 dc volts work? im using an old cell phon charger
hey dude... how much aluminum powder do i have to add, and what is a better way of getting fuel... kuz i dont have a cofee grinder... or anything else like that. what should i do?
I made some and mixed it with sugar.It made a ton of smoke.
Is there any other way to make sodium chlorate?
is this any different from potassium chlorate?

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