Exploding Blue Angry Bird From Clay





Introduction: Exploding Blue Angry Bird From Clay

we all love angry birds right?
well i love them alot, and my favorite is the blue, so i wanted to make an exploding blue angry bird that pops and lets 3 small angry birds out :)
i hope you enjoy it and vote for me to win the contest :D

Step 1: Materials:

you'll need:
-2 water bottle caps (you can use something else but i used these)
-blue clay
-yellow clay
-black clay
-2 pieces of thread
-a compass or some thing to pierce the bottle & clay

Step 2: 3 Small Birds

Build 3 small angry birds that fit when the caps are put on each other, if you don't know how, here's how to do it:
get 3 small balls of blue clay, do 3 small yellow triangles for the mouth, the eyes are made from a piece of white then a smaller piece of black over it and stick them on the blue balls :D

Step 3: Cover the Bottle Caps With Blue Clay

Should i explain this ?

Step 4: Hole

Use the compass to do a hole in the middle of each cap covered with clay, then put the piece of thread in the hole then tie a knot, so it doesn't fall out.

Step 5: Eyes & Mouth

Do the eyes and the nose the same way for the big ones as for the small ones , but with a bigger size, and i added the thing on his head.

Step 6: Fill It

Put the small angry birds in the big one.

Step 7: Close It

Close it tight, not too tight, but tight...

Step 8: Watch It Explode

here's mine exploding :)
i attached one side to a hook and the other one is in my hand , i usually hold it in both my hands, but i wanted to make it clear for the pic :D
i hope you enjoy it ;)



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    You could make a blue bird out of an old film cannister, then fill with smaller birds, a third full of water, half an alkaseltzer tablet, seal it up and throw it really high into the air! That way the exploding would be hands free :)

    1 reply

    Thanks for the advice !
    Gonna be trying it soon :)!

    We're running an angry birds challenge this week, if you can come up with another angry birds themed Instructable this week, you should!


    Just wondering... why does everyone LOVE angry birds soo much? I really don't like it at all no offence to your instructable or anything but I just don't understand it... good instructable though.

    7 replies

    For the same reason Tetris was so popular for Gameboy. When most of the games are garbage then the mediocre shines like gold. Just a theory.

    I think this project is the black bird (the bomb!). Good job!

    Thx :)
    I hope you like it and vote for me to win :D
    And... This is not the black one it's the blue one that lets out 3 small birds!

    I was saying "its da bomb" as in "its cool" ....Nevermind.

    So sorry…
    I hope you liked it anyway :)

    I think because the game is kinda fun :)
    And I hope you vote for me :D

    Yeah I just can't get the hang of the game. Too hard for me...

    If you practice it becomes really easy and even funner!