Exploding Carrot





Introduction: Exploding Carrot

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  • Start with a large carrot.
  • Use an apple-corer to cut a cylinder in the top of the carrot.
  • Pick out a cylindrical cavity in the carrot with a knife.
  • Strip down a small rocket, removing the stick and any unnecessary paper, and push into the carrot.
  • Draw a smiley-face on the carrot with a marker.
  • Push firmly into the ground
  • Light the fuse and stand well back



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    wow!!! I LOVE IT

    This is now my FAVORITE VIDEO OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU (also, if you could provide the name of the song, that would be great)!!!

     WOW! HAHAHAHA! thats so cool!!! (now to blow up my enemies)

    1 reply

    Well, if they are bunnies, this is the BEST weapon you'll ever make againist them

    Why even? i know why. because this is awesome. I can see this as something that Bill Murrays charachter in Caddyshack might make to kill the gopher.

    1 reply

    Yes, that might have worked... but the gopher was rather smart.


    Lol :) That was awesome

    You, of all people, should not throw stones. And it's spelled "plagiarism."

    thayer country is good at it though

    (You have to post the link to where something was copied from) L

    Lol, you owned him good.

    I use the model rockets from estes (black powder)
    The so called 'motors' i use (C7-5) are c class and have a 7 sec burn time and then a 5 second delay until hot gas expells up the rocket blasting the parachute out.
    I think the hot gas in the carrot cuases the explosion

    ,,funny rockets, when you mess around with em',

    Yes that's it. L

    HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was so funny!! XD

    i was laughing so hard when i saw this the first time. BUT NOW I CAN MAKE IT ooooh