Picture of Exploding nerf dart mod
what you need.JPG
this mod shows you how to make an exploding Nerf dart mod
it is not dangerous as it uses pop its witch my crazy friend once bit one and it didn't hurt him
but just use your head when shooting them read the last page for warnings


What you need

1. tape
2. pop its
3. Nerf dart

Step 1: Tape

Picture of tape
tape piece.JPG
first cut a piece of tape about 1.5" long and attach one end of the tape to the tip of the dart
squidcraft5 months ago

me: walks around


scare the crap out of myself

gammerguy2 years ago
their little tinny bombs that look like rocks
nerd974 years ago
What the heck is a "pop it"
little gun powder filled paper wrappers you throw them on the ground and they go pop with a little explosion.
Oh, like caps!
yes but cap take up to muck force to pop because of the plastic shell so like caps but wrapped in paper :)
and there are rocks inside to trigger the powder easeyer
i don't think so
techxpert3 years ago
: )
techxpert3 years ago
but yo've got a great imagination and keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
techxpert3 years ago
no offence but sticky taping one of these to every bullet would be a pain and you only get one use out of them and these bullets are expensive so if this pops a bullet yo've lost a 30cents dart.
3nick1204 years ago
is this the best you can think of?
Jaycub4 years ago
I do not mean to offend or belittle you, but don't you think it is a little rediculous that you made a 5 step instructable on how to tape a pop-it onto a nerf dart? It's a fun idea but come on.
hammy478 (author)  Jaycub4 years ago
i agree but at least its well documented
Jaycub hammy4784 years ago
Ya good job on that.
drozzle4 years ago
This is pretty cool but some little 5 year old is going to do this and then shoot his buddie in the eye.
hammy478 (author)  drozzle4 years ago
maybe but i don't think a 5 year old will be able to read this instructable
hammy478 (author) 4 years ago
thanks it cant be used in guns that use a clip though you can remove the tip of the dart then attach the pop it the same way as this and then it should work in a clip
vishalapr4 years ago
This is a really cool idea as I used it with my nerf gun and it worked perfectly for me!
Good Idea!