Introduction: Exploding Shotgun Bullet. KNEX.

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This is a knex bullet that a best on most of the guns that are like slingshots..the ones that are about 3 pieces wide and have a rubber band that you pull back on top. Load this bullet onto one of those, and u got yourself a good bullet + gun.

Step 1: Pieces List

Picture of Pieces List

Just follow the notes.

Step 2: Building It

Picture of Building It

Picture 1- build this.
Picture 2- put the five blue rings on the white rod, then cap it off with the gray connector.

Step 3: Rubber Band.

Picture of Rubber Band.

The rubber band is mostly for looks but does hold it together better i guess..and it kind of protects your pieces if the rubber band hits the wall first then it wont break anything..

[NOTE!!!! If you want the bullet to have a shotgun feature then you have to take the rubber band an the gray connector off of the bullet right before you load it in you slingshot/gun/rocket/ etc..

Step 4: Using the Bullet. [must Read Notes]

Picture of Using the Bullet. [must Read Notes]

I built this cheesy little slingshot gun just to test out my bullet.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE! If you want it to have a shotgun feature then you must take the gray connector and the rubber band off the bullet right before u load it. This way all the blue rings will shoot off of it. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE!

Picture one - basically just put the bullet behind the rubber band and pulled it back.
Picture two - i shot it from about ten feet behind the picture..hit the wall in the front of the pictures, and went all over the place like in the picture.


knexfan9182 (author)2009-03-30

More of a HE shotgun round.

PotatoCoffee (author)knexfan91822011-11-30

Hi, the title said, ''Exploding shotgun bullet'' that's basically the same as HE (high explosive) shotgun round.

DJ Radio (author)2009-03-30


PotatoCoffee (author)DJ Radio2011-11-30

Double Meh'ed.

PotatoCoffee (author)2011-11-30

Meh' it doesn't work.

runthunter246 (author)2009-03-31

everyone should look at my newest instructable its a spring loaded grenade.. works REALLY well

chopstx (author)2009-03-31

how'd you make the gun you shot it with? bye the way nice bullet. i can't believe some one didn't already come up with this! correct me if i'm wrong.

runthunter246 (author)chopstx2009-03-31

haha no nobody hasnt im pretty sure. and thank you.. the gun i made for it is pretty simple. its 3 layers thick and doesnt have a trigger or anything u just pull back the rubber band with your hand and let it go with the bullet in the rubber band...its pretty straight forward to build when looking at the pictures of it. its cheap though

TheDunkis (author)runthunter2462009-03-31

Actually similar designs have been made just not this exact design.

runthunter246 (author)2009-03-30

sorry but what does "HE" mean?

knexguy (author)runthunter2462009-03-31

I would guess high explosive.

runthunter246 (author)knexguy2009-03-31

no kidding i get it noww

Katarukito (author)runthunter2462009-03-30

hairy ears..................................high explosive.

runthunter246 (author)2009-03-31

so thats a good thing haha??

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