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Introduction: Exploring Pocket Sized Quarter Holders

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Are you constantly searching your pockets for change for that snack, drink, or other vending machine goody to get you through your day? In this short instructable, I'll look through a few ways of carrying quarters in your pocket, without being that person that jingles when they walk.

I have found three ways in which I enjoy carrying quarters in my pocket. I have chosen quarters for this instructable because they are the most used coins when it comes to vending machines. Each of the three ways I will describe will hold enough change for you to buy a little somethin to help you through your day.

I have also made sure that I jammed as many quarters as I could into each device to the point where I could hold as many as possible with it while still being able to close it securely.

Please Comment and/or vote. I love comments and votes are most graciously appreciated. Enjoy!

Step 1: Way 1: the Canister.

Way 1: Find yourself a 35mm canister, the ones that go with the oldschool disposable cameras, you know you have them somewhere. These canisters are perfect for holding quarters, or coins in general, because of their already round shape, and they are slightly larger in diameter than quarters. They also fit in pockets.

Through my research I have found that it is possible to fit up to a whopping 25 quarters comfortably in one canister. This adds up to $6.25 in quarters.

Pros include: Holds large amount of quarters.
Durable casing.
Black exterior is stylish in all occasions.

Cons Include: May somewhat jingle while walking. BUT WAIT!!! This can be easily solved by sliding a piece of cloth or a cottonball into the canister with the quarters!!

Step 2: Way 2: It's Not Floss.

Way 2: You probably have empty floss containers around your house right? I mean, you do floss atleast enough to have one empty container.....right? Well, when you get around to flossing enough to have an empty container, get it. Then, take the insides out leaving you with an empty little case. This case will hold quarters, but not as easily as expected. The quarters must be stacked diagnolly from each other to aqquire enough room for optimum quarter capacity.

I found that by sliding 7 quarters down into the case side by side, that I can fit another 7 on top of those going diagnolly, leaving me with 14 quarters. This will give you $3.50 in quarters. Much less than the film canister, but hey, it holds something.

Pros include: Doesn't jingle when moved because of lack of space.
Compact and flat shape makes for great pocket item.

Cons include: Holds dramatically less than film canister.
Not quite as durable as film canister.

Step 3: Way 3: Hey, Get Back, You Need a Tic-tac.

Way 3: Go get your seemingly useless tic-tac container. These hold quarters too!! Now, I should tell you now that the tic-tac container holds the exact same as the dental floss container. In fact, they both have the same pros and cons. The tic-tac container holds up to 14 quarters while still allowing you to leave the top on. Note however that inorder to add or remove quarters from this device, the whole top must be removed. The flap cannot simply be flipped open. This also applies to any other coin, they just don't fit. =(

So, the tic-tac container holds 14 coins stacked diagnolly adding up to $3.50 in quarters.

Pros include: Doesn't jingle when moved because of lack of space.
Compact and flat shape makes for great pocket item.

Cons include: Holds dramatically less than film canister.
Not quite as durable as film canister.

Step 4: Over All

So, my favorite choice you ask?

Well, let's see here:

The film canister can hold a whopping $6.50 in quarters.
The dental floss container holds a smaller amount of $3.50 in quarters.
The Tic-tac container holds the same amount of $3.50 in quarters.

The film canister is very sturdy, but looks funky in some pockets.
The dental floss container fits well because it's flat, and has a pop open top.
The tic-tac container is also flat, but top must be removed.

This is how I'd rate them:

In 1st place: Film Canister!!
In 2nd place: Dental Floss Contaner!
In 3rd place: Tic-tac Container!!

In my opinion, the film canister takes all because it simply holds more than the other two containers. I would rather have more money than a nice fitting container in my pocket anyday.

Hope you guys liked this little exploration in ways to hold your quarters! Please feel free to vote for me if you like this instructable. Thank you!

Please Comment and/or vote. I love comments and votes are most graciously appreciated. Enjoy!



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    Airborne has a container for their alka-seltzer style tablets (the ones you drop into water to make a fizzy drink.). Those hold $10US, which is perfect for me for a week. Laundry day gets the Planters Peanuts jar, which fits in my cargo pocket and holds $1K plus or minus :P

    my step mom is a dentist so i got this huge stack of floss containers that shes used and i like color them and add details then i sell them for $0.50

    I used a taller floss container, so I could fit 21 quarters - That's what I always use for my quarters now.
    Win Guy

    In my laundromat days, I used a basic RX bottle.  Held almost a full roll of quarters, with less wiggle room than the film canister, and the locking top was handy - I didn't have to worry when I tossed it in the laundry basket or my toddler getting into it - and I could see how much was in there.  If I remember right, I had notched it off  to mark how many $$ I had in there at a glance


    I alway have a strong magnet in my pocket: it work much better!

    8 replies

    yes it might work in countries where coins are magnetic but U.S. coins aren't


    are you serious ? in canada, our coin is magnetic!

     That's why they stick to the outside of my wallet.

    lucky (AU coins aren't magnetic either)

    Whoa..... Our coins are magnetic? *Runs off to find magnet and quarter....* That's cool. I never knew that...

    Aww, shinyegg already mentioned it :(

    Although larger in size, a mini m&m;'s container will fit in a larger pocket and holds $10 in quarters. I use it for laundry money :)

    personally, I'd use the floss. I mean, it's more compact (my pockets usually have a swiss army knife, knock off leatherman, cell phone, money, gum, and psp in them (unless I'm at school. apparently I can't be trusted), so I usually have a lot of bulk in there (no sexual jokes)) so I can carry it more places, and the only time I'll need more quarters than that is if I'm going to an arcade. in which case I wouldn't have my psp, which would make more room for film canister madness. did anyone get lost in that parentheses forest?

    I use tobacco pouches myself- they're soft (less jingle), waterproof and sealable! - but film canisters are cool for storing things in- proper old skool

    when you take out one of them, the rest start to jingle :P. great idea, but i cant really see how the canister can help, the quarters are about 2/3 of the size of the can, o well.... nice instructable! -gamer

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    You could always pack it with some sort of felt or cotton so they wouldn't make noise when you use one of them.