Step 2: Way 2: It's not floss.

Picture of Way 2:  It's not floss.
Way 2: You probably have empty floss containers around your house right? I mean, you do floss atleast enough to have one empty container.....right? Well, when you get around to flossing enough to have an empty container, get it. Then, take the insides out leaving you with an empty little case. This case will hold quarters, but not as easily as expected. The quarters must be stacked diagnolly from each other to aqquire enough room for optimum quarter capacity.

I found that by sliding 7 quarters down into the case side by side, that I can fit another 7 on top of those going diagnolly, leaving me with 14 quarters. This will give you $3.50 in quarters. Much less than the film canister, but hey, it holds something.

Pros include: Doesn't jingle when moved because of lack of space.
Compact and flat shape makes for great pocket item.

Cons include: Holds dramatically less than film canister.
Not quite as durable as film canister.
cproo124 years ago
my step mom is a dentist so i got this huge stack of floss containers that shes used and i like color them and add details then i sell them for $0.50
Win Guy4 years ago
I used a taller floss container, so I could fit 21 quarters - That's what I always use for my quarters now.
Win Guy
so_simple987 years ago
I have that same floss, i'll probably use that one.