The Explosive Alarm Clock is a fully-functional alarm clock made with an old beeping alarm clock.

You need:

1. Electronic alarm clock
2. Cardboard rolls
3. Paper packaging
4. Old wires
5. Hot glue
6. Electrical tape
7. Cutter

Step 1: disassemble

Take in pieces the old alarm clock.

<p>Simple and great idea! :D</p>
<p>I am highly offended that these ideas are being put into kids heads!<br>.<br>- - - - Wow! </p><p>. . - - - - - - - WOW! - - - - CRAZY!!!! - - <br>.<br>The world is violent enough without inspiring explosive devices (IED) and showing the angry how to blow up the world.</p><p>.</p><p>Just a few modifications and KA - WHAMMY!</p><p>.</p><p> - - Look MAMA ! - - - - You hateful boy friend is dead!</p><p>.</p><p>Hey, just an old alarm clock and some fertilizer inside those easy to get tubes</p><p>.</p><p>WOW. That simple!</p>
<p>This as ignorant as believing that video games create murderers.</p>
Help me understand why is the crime rate so low or non-existent in Amish Communities?<br><br>Does the Amish practice of teaching children to live in kindness and forgiveness instead of violence ever result in the atrocities we regularly see at the Boston marathon, for example, or in the recent Baltimore violence, or the hate crime in Chattanooga??<br><br>Seems to me that there is the way of peace that is vastly different from the way of violence.<br><br>Why not train children from a young age how to choose forgiveness and reconciliation, instead of using violence to &quot;waste&quot; those who you can't stand to live with? (&quot;Waste&quot; was language used with reference to shooting a &quot;Namee&quot; when training soldiers how to view the enemy during the Vietnam war.)
<p>We don't live in Amish communities. Guns and explosives are present in the Amish communities, it's just the fact that nobody is crazy enough to go shoot anyone up. Mentally ill people are well handled in the Amish communities, and put away from firearms and explosives. If you were in possession of a firearm, would you go shoot anyone? If you answered no, GREAT! If you answered yes, YOU shouldn't be able to own a firearm, and I should, because I would not go and shoot anyone without good reason such as self defense.</p>
<p>Get over it, this is nothing more than a normal off the shelf alarm clock, and some cardboard. <br><br>By the way it takes more than fertilizer to make a bomb, also plenty of places online where you can get instructions to make actual bombs, are you hunting all of those down, and angrily commenting on them?</p>
<p>Some fertilizer? Thanks for the instructions.</p>
<p>How.. On earth.. WTF?</p><p>Kids (like me), if they wanna do a bomb, u go to youtube, and done! so ,STFU u dick!</p>
<p>How, for heavens sake, could anybody get something usefull for building a bomb out of this instructable? It's just an alarm clock in a funny case. No information about how to make or get explosives, nothing about making a detonator. </p><p>Just because it looks like a (cartoon) bomb doesn't mean you can make a real bomb out of it. If you dress like a chicken you still cannot fly!</p>
<p>if you knew what the kids are abble to , without wanting to offence you , how hold are you ? how many kid(s) do you have ? now I mean with these very days &amp; the computer , they 're doing anything , yeah A N Y T H I N G ! that's the realty ! I mean it sir !!! even wirth the parent's control , they turn around , you see !</p><p>have good day anyway -</p>
<p>If someone wanted to make an IED, it would not matter weather the directions were avalable online or not.They could figure it out on their own.</p>
<p>Yeah, but you need a licence to get those kind of fertiliser, then you need to get a detonator cap, then you need to wire it all up correctly. So all in all, if a kid knows how to do that then they don't need ideas like this to make a weapon. In short, this doesn't tell you how to make a bomb and there are many more steps that would be required to take before getting to the IED stage.</p>
<p>While I certainly defend your right to make this ill-informed, inflammatory comment, I am highly offended by your lack of grammatical skill and your poor spelling. If you don't mind, I'd like to rewrite your offensive, tasteless, and incendiary comment in proper grammar and with correct spelling.</p><p>Now, to the task at hand:</p><p>&quot;I am highly offended that these ideas are being put into our childrens heads! The world is violent enough without inspiring children to try their hands at creating improvised explosive devices (IED) and showing the angry how to make weapons. With just a few modifications, this &quot;harmless&quot; prank clock could be made into a serious explosive! </p><p>Here is an example of a conversation after an evil young person uses a modified version of this 'ible:</p><p>&quot;Hey look mother! I modified that alarm clock instructable and used it to kill your boyfriend, whom I loathe! All I had to do was get an old alarm clock, some fertilizer, and some blasting caps and stuff it all inside those easy-to-find cardboard tubes! WOW! That was a simple bomb to make!&quot;</p><p>See how much more sense this version makes? You're able to get the point across in a much more accurate (and grammatically correct) fashion. If only all the ignorant, paranoid, and reactionary commenters on the Internet were this eloquent! Then we might have a dialog going!</p>
<p>Your comments are well advised and well written. Thank you! Well, almost carefully written. (Please excuse my grammatical errors. My proof reader is on vacation this week.)</p><p>I know people who have been playing with fire and tinkering with explosive devices since I was a youngster on the farm in the 1960's. It is simple to send a golf ball skyward and out of sight with a few readily available gases, oxygen and acetylene inside a 2 inch diameter by twenty one foot iron pipe. &quot;Hey! Look out airline pilots coming in for a landing!&quot;</p><p>Add some fertilizers and gasoline and a few additional and interesting, but well know admixtures, and a climb up the nearby water tower with some discarded cell phones and we are ripe for excitement! Baltimore's recent excitement will look like a tea party.</p><p>When I was working as a courier, delivering packages to the airline, I was certified by the T.S.A. One of the requirements was that I report to all appropriate authorities any time I saw anything that looked similar to what is pictured above.</p><p>There are numerous state laws that prohibit the making of anything that might appear to be a &quot;Hoax Bomb.&quot; Just Google &quot;hoax bomb.&quot; See the comments by dcasebeer.</p><p>Policemen today are doing their best to defuse difficulty situations. Can you imagine what might have happened if a youth was seen throwing one of these Instructables alarm clock IED's into the streets of Baltimore a few weeks ago or in Boston last year.</p><p>Not funny!</p>
<p>Your outlook on the situation due to having been dealing with TSA is laughable. TSA has not stopped one terrorist, and over 400 TSA employees have been arrested for theft. Who is watching the watchers, but I digress. Bombs that have a big red digital display are pure Hollywood. No real bomb maker would ever use one, they are of use to no one except a movie maker to build suspense. Anyone who has ever seen real blasting agent can tell it from paper tubes, even if they are blind. The nose knows. By the way, Arizona Revised Statutes has a criminal charge, listed as Misconduct Involving Simulated Explosives, and I speak from experience when I tell you that only the greenest Deputy County Attorney would ever file this charge on a suspect, because it is almost impossible to prove.</p>
<p>Why don't you build one with real dynamite and put it beside your bed ?</p><p>Cheers !</p>
<p>you feel &quot;highly offended&quot; by a guy modifying an alarm clock but then, you give recipe and idea to make real explosive...funny...</p><p>do not know the regulation in your country guys, but you can buy those alarm clock on the internet for couple of dollars/euros. </p><p>I do not say this is a genius idea, but stop your faked morality...</p>
<p>and the plural of children is childrens, right? or maybe you missed an apostrophe.</p>
<p>Mm, good catch! Indeed it is &quot;children's&quot;. Luckily, I'm willing to admit my mistakes and learn from them.</p>
<p>Oh. come on. Don't you know that kids do not need a gag item to inspire them to misbehave? I was a deputy sheriff in Arizona, and never dealt with a delinquent who needed Instructables to come up with destructive ideas and urges. Take a chill pill, pops.</p>
<p>Yes, wellll, you don't know much about explosives when you talk about putting in some fertilizer and capow. Thaankfully it's much more complicated than that or more tragedies would have occured due to people with mental problems that lean that way. I sort of thought it may have been a way to get my son to wake up and get off to school in time. That or use an electric/hydraulic setup to flip his bed on edge and drop him on the floor. Yet another Instructible possibility. Too bad that real violence has taken the fun out of simple jokes/pranks. The only way this Instructiblw would work for me is if there was a sound chip with the recorded sound of a large fireworks detonation going off. Flashing lights would help too. May as well start the day with a whole new paranoia.</p>
<p>Considering all the US vets and others who have lost their limbs or lives in the mid east due to road side bombs and improvised explosive devices its no wonder that there is sensitivity regarding this topic. There are a lot of people coming back from the conflict over there who went as perfectly healthy human beings only to return with PTHD. No fun to have that nightmare to wake to every day.</p>
<p>If this is the bomb they saw, then they were als odrawn with ink. Are you refering to PTSD?</p>
<p>Hi George. Yes that's the term my feeble old mind was trying to recall. PTSD. Lots of it around from current and past conflicts.</p>
<p>Ummmmm, are you joking???? Explosives are easy enough, no need for cardboard tubes an a timer is also antiquated. Cellphones and Arduinos are the easy way, as for the charge anything will work, and I believe a steel pipe would be much easier. </p><p>I assume that you know that fertilizer alone in not enough to make a bomb?</p>
<p>don't bring that to shcool LOL</p>
<p>Unless you're a muslim and you put the clock parts in a pencil box that looks like a briefcase; then you may just get an invite to the White House... </p>
<p>You probably won't get invited to the White House if you bring this to school.</p><p>You should avoid Irving, Texas also.</p>
<p>Thanks for the tutorial!</p>
<p>you bunch of sad paranoid people, firearms, explosives and weapons are all fun. I'm 51 years old and have been making my own pyrotechnic fireworks for years, have had my concealed carry permit for just as long, stop living in fear of everything and have some explosive fun, you will love it.</p>
<p>Ok look, this is a project idea meant to be something fun and cool. If someone took it as far as to make it a weapon then it is entirely their fault. Don't dis on the creator of this instructable. If you have a problem with this just don't make it, or don't have your kids make it. I think it is a fun project. We don't have to freak out. There is no plural of children since children is the plural of child.</p>
<p>Switch this out with someone's regular alarm clock while the are sleeping. They are sure to get a surprise when it starts beeping, especially if they are groggy.</p>
<p>best/funnyest i've seen in a long time! I'm making several for me and my friends. Some of you clowns need to lighten up!</p>
As a child I can tell you that no violent ideas were put into my head when I saw this. Explosives aren't necessarily dangerous unless used in a irresponsible way. If a child decides that explosive devices could be used as a weapon, there is no way even if got their hands on one they would think of hurting someone unless they were taught that it was okay. Clearly the child you used in your example where he blew up his mom's boyfriend had problems and wasn't thinking straight and probably should have been put in therapy. Explosives are used for much more than violence such as building roads/train tracks, mining, destroying old buildings to put up new ones, and many other NON VIOLENT uses. This is a very creative
<p>Leaving an empty box in an inappropriate place is a bad idea. I think it's cool. Most of you think owning a side arm is OK. Lighten up. I think having the Oil companies screwing us is more of a deal. </p>
<p>Just what is the problem with thinking a side arm is OK? I have carried a firearm 24/7 for over thirty years. All of my guns COMBINED have killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy's car. I don't think my house or car is going top catch fire or otherwise be destroyed, but I carry insurance on both and both are equipped with a fire extinguisher. I have seen many suspicious packages cause response by authorities, but I don't ever remember one of these faux bombs cause one. People are a lot smarter than you give them credit for.</p>
<p>Sounds like you NEED to carry a sidearm to survive .</p>
<p>ac-dc NOPE we don't see them arresting for things like this, not enough pzazz! But, we DO see the dead bodies of 15 YO's with paintball guns. You ARE one so you defend them but in reality, COPS KILL out of FEAR! F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal - - - to THEM! Their daily dose of fear-mongering causes this situation where ANYTHING can set them off and they DO respond without THOUGHT and with bullets - they are cheap.</p><p>I once had a cop ask if I had any weapons on me. I said &quot;You deefine what you mean by weapons and then I can answer.&quot; He NEVER answered! Why? Because ANYTHING can be used as a weapon and IF I had said no, the pen in my shirt pocket would have 'authorized' him to arrest me for lying to him.</p><p>In TEXAS, all cops are criminals. None of the STATE OFFICERS are in compliance with the Texas Constitution Article 16 which authorizes their authority, therefore, you can legally &quot;use deadly force to protect yourself,your property, someone else, or their property&quot; from kidnapping or theft. An unlawful arrest is KIDNAPPING in Texas. When they are in possession of a weapon it is AGGRAVATED KIDNAPPING!</p>
<p>Bill, did your parents have any kids who lived? Your perceptive of facts is as flawed as your painting all Texas officers with the same brush. Your pitiful acronym for fear is preposterous. Have you ever been a police officer, security officer or even so much as attended a citizen's academy? Gangs have younger children all the time carrying around drugs, guns and the like, because they know that the justice system will go very easy on them. A 7-year old kid with a Glock can kill you just as dead as a Jihadist with an AK47.. Your analysis that unlawful arrests are kidnapping is patently ridiculous. Have you ever graduated from law school or passed the bar in Texas or any other state? Sound to me like you never passed a bar you didn't like. Who determines whether an arrest is lawful, You? No, that is determined by a County or District Attorney, AFTER thoroughly going over the statements of all concerned and possible witnesses. I never arrested anyone who felt that I was right, so did that allow them to resist? I should say not. I am so sick of amateur lawyers like you who make the job of a lawman harder every day by spreading your BS better than a McCormick manure spreader. I originally flagged this rant of yours, but I could not have commented on it then. I have looked down the barrel of more than one firearm and found out the meaning of the words pucker power. You, jerkoff, cannot say that with a straight face.</p>
<p>You , sir , have too much time on your hands and I don't think too many people want to read your rantings . </p><p>Cheers , take care , and have a good day !!</p>
<p>.... Do you &quot;REALLY&quot; want to test the Texas cops on this point?? I would think you would be the one to be &quot;dead&quot; right!</p>
<p>You muricans are so funny! If someone builds this sweet alarm clock he/she will risk being shot by the police...you must be the most scared people in the world. I actually feel sorry for you and hope that you some day will experience true freedom: not being afraid all the time. </p><p>I live in a country where very few people (only hunters and members of gun clubs) are allowed to own weapons and not even ten people a year get shot by the police, most of them live to tell the tale. This in a country of around 9 million people. </p>
<p>You have come to accept being denied the ability to defend yourself, and rationalize it by stating few people are shot by police. This insults me A. As an AMERICAN, B as a former police officer, and C As a proud supporter of our Second Amendment to the constitution. FYI, I do not live in fear all the time. Your country has about the same number of people as New York City. I am underwhelmed by you feeling sorry for someone better than you. A man without a gun is a subject; a man with a gun is a citizen. I recommend you find a documentary put out by Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership, called 'Innocents Betrayed.' It tells of the over 17 million people disarmed by their governments, then brutally slaughtered by those selfsame governments. Our current occupant (illegally) in the White House is doing his best to disarm us, exactly the kind of situation or Founding Fathers gave us the gift of the Second Amendment for. I am sick enough to puke hearing foreigners criticizing our gun ownership. I don't give a fat rat's behind what your country's gun laws are, and I hope your government never decides to eradicate people it considers bad, that is called genocide, by the way. You have no right whatsoever to badmouth American gun ownership, because you do not know what you are talking about.</p>
<p>I have no problem with gun ownership at all . But responsible use of guns or explosives is very important . </p>
<p>Great discussion. Lot of holier than thou's on this.</p>
<p>Holier than thous ? sounds like you ! </p><p>Cheers , and take care !!</p>
<p>This really is a bad, bad idea to put on Instructables. How long before some idiot leaves one of these at a school or other public place &quot;just for fun&quot;. I find it hard to believe that there is no oversight by Instructables on stuff like this. I suspect the FBI or other Feds wouldn't think this is so clever.</p>
<p>Man, this is an alarm clock! </p><p>If you think is better to have censorship or a police state, try living in a dictatorship with those.</p>

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