Picture of Explosive Alarm Clock
2013-01-06 15.36.01.jpg
The Explosive Alarm Clock is a fully-functional alarm clock made with an old beeping alarm clock.

You need:

1. Electronic alarm clock
2. Cardboard rolls
3. Paper packaging
4. Old wires
5. Hot glue
6. Electrical tape
7. Cutter
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Step 1: Disassemble

Picture of disassemble
2013-01-06 14.33.00.jpg
Take in pieces the old alarm clock.

Step 2: Sticks

Picture of sticks
2013-01-06 14.40.01.jpg
Cut the cardboard roll and made 6 pieces 20 cm.

Step 3: Wrapping

Picture of Wrapping
2013-01-06 14.51.11.jpg
2013-01-06 15.01.09.jpg
Wrap the stick with the packaging paper and fixed it with transparent tape.

Step 4:

Picture of
2013-01-06 15.18.58.jpg
2013-01-06 15.23.43.jpg
Use hot glue to glue the power supply and tie together the six bars. Positions the display at the center and fix it with the hot glue

Step 5:

Picture of
Apply electrical tape on both sides

Step 6:

Picture of
2013-01-06 15.27.59.jpg
2013-01-06 15.37.39.jpg
Twist the electric wire of a pen to achieve this effect.

Step 7:

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Gift for friend sleeper is ready!
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carolyn.payne.980 made it!2 months ago
Such an awesome idea! Thanks for this!!!
RuudvandeLooij made it!3 months ago

Still need to finish it with tape and some more wires, but the start is there. So thanks a lot, now I will wake up scared every day, thinking that I will be blown up within seconds.

2015-03-16 07.45.03.jpg
PoloT3 months ago

Very Nice !! I might just make this :-)

Muniosi1 year ago

I love it! I might just make this!

Be careful with this. Imagine yourself a First Responder (Police, Fire, EMS) and walking into someones home to help them (heart attack, cardiac arrest, etc) and seeing this. They are trained to see things like this and react accordingly. This is done in a second or two and the reaction is to evacuate and call in the specialists to deal with the device. Even if the occupants say its a hoax, the area will be evacuated and the bomb squad brought in. The bomb squad, depending on the device and location, may detonate the "device" in place to avoid injuries or death. Could be your house or place of business. Not to mention that the care that is needed for the patient is delayed or not completed because of the immediate evacuation of the area. Sound far fetched? It has happened. My two cents.

JohnA17 jwood13085 months ago

@jwood1308 >> I agree with you it could happen! - Good point

Soda_Junkie11 months ago

Wow I make this project. It seem easy and kinda fun to do. : )

giovannire (author) 1 year ago
My sister love this project and i made this new one
13 20:05.jpg
David971 year ago
Great idea, thanks for the project!
yatto2 years ago
Very nice ! Just a little objection, you say "6 rolls" but if we want to have "6 rolls visible" we must have a seventh roll in the middle of the 6 others. Besides you show 7 rolls on your pictures.
Beergnome2 years ago
Great project!

the only thing I would do different, would be to use PVC pipes instead of cardboard tubes for the "dynamite". Perhaps at that point you could make a cavity inside of the assembly to hide the transformer in the middle of it. it would minimize the exposed live wires.

And, of course, if you had an alarm assembly that could be run off of batteries, then one of the pipes could be used as a battery holder.
"And, of course, if you had an alarm assembly that could be run off of batteries, then one of the pipes could be used as a battery holder"

....go big or go home! If you can add a battery...having said battery pack strapped to the "Package" would only make it look More real.....Hmmm.....MAYBE that Wouldn't be such a Hot idea... LOL

....and yeah, I'm making one as well. My wife is gonna KILL me! (LMAO)

HJ Gynt2 years ago
If you are going to make these as holiday gifts do not ship them through the mail. You could receive a nasty gift that includes room, board and an orange or pink jumpsuit in a federal facility.
ve6cmm2 years ago
Ni Job!
You could wrap wood dowel with the paper. It would add a bit of weight to the project and would not crush. The middle tube could be be a 1.5" PVC pipe to be used as a battery holder.

Another thing I though of is that you could implement this with an PIC or something similar, and have the alarm count down after turning the alarm on for the night making it more realistic. The use of a wall wort power supply may work for powering the clock as long as the module has an onboard cyrstal oscillator. Many clocks need 60Hz to keep the time, but then, some don't.

I think I might make a few of these for Christmas presents Dec 2013!
kallom2 years ago
Man I love this!!!
It's a lot of fun - both making it and giving it as a present to a kid. Mine loves it.
The genius of it is it's really easy to do and actual makeshift solutions only make the design more credible.

My humble modifications:

- I left the transformer in the original clock case this way only low voltage wires go to the 'bomb' (it reduces the risk of electric shock and while I don't think this clock's power consumption would make the transformer overheat putting it next to a bunch of paper makes me nervous)

- my clock came with a 9V backup battery which I taped to the top which makes up for the missing twisted wires which give the original design a nice touch

- I printed some DANGER EXPLOSIVE labels inspired by a hasty Google image search.

Big thanks for this instructable!!

Here's what mine looks like:
nemoskull2 years ago
well, the current goverment seems to keep writing laws to outlaw anything, but this is pretty funny!
dcasebeer2 years ago
I will just leave this here:

Texas Penal Code--

46.08. Hoax Bombs
(a) A person commits an offense if the person knowingly manufactures, sells, purchases, trans- ports, or possesses a hoax bomb with intent to use the hoax bomb to:
(1) make another believe that the hoax bomb is an explosive or incendiary device; or
(2) cause alarm or reaction of any type by an official of a public safety agency or volunteer agency organized to deal with emergencies.
(b) An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor.

(13) "Hoax bomb" means a device that:
(A) reasonably appears to be an explosive or incendiary device; or
(B) by its design causes alarm or reaction of any type by an official of a public safety agency or a volunteer agency organized to deal with emergencies. ...

Your intention may be innocent but building something like this might get you into a sticky legal situation. The onus would be on you to prove in court that it was not your intention to "cause alarm".
J-Ri dcasebeer2 years ago
Aren't laws like this great?

Section 13 basically reads: "(13)A 'hoax bomb' is a device that (B) alarms a cop"

It gives way too much room to abuse. A crooked cop can arrest or shoot whoever they want, and say he/she saw the defendant/deceased reaching for a bomb. Bombs can be made to look like anything, therefore anything can look like a bomb.
maka dcasebeer2 years ago
That's all well and good, but such alarm clocks are obviously not the poster's brand new idea:
clazman maka2 years ago
can you verify that by carbon dating? ;>)
Hater going to hate...?
I think being plugged into the wall next to your bed would be proof enough.
Hahaha "not your intention to 'cause alarm'." It's an "alarm" clock!
..."cause alarm"

The pun was not intended but made me chuckle.
This my friend in these times is not appropriate and it would be a nice gesture to remove this instructable in honor of all those who have died recently and in the past.
If you have recently lost someone, I am sorry for your loss. I also understand there are places where this could be a reminder of the very real possibility of being blown up. I could even see how it could possibly be taken as an insult by someone who lives somewhere that they might find a bomb while walking down the street.

That said, this is a toy. An awesome toy. I knew people who were killed by drowning, hit by a car, gravity, obesity and a falling tree. This is no reason for me to expect, or even to ask, someone to remove something they created if I find it distasteful. I wouldn't ask someone to remove something related to cars, physics, cooking, or lumberjacking.

Would you ask everyone to refrain from doing anything creative in the future in honor of the people that will die? We need a lot less of your attitude. Nobody said anything about going to an all-you-can-eat buffet immediately after the funeral visitation for an overweight relative who died of a stroke. Nobody said "maybe we should all just get salads" (although a few in the group should have done so themselves). You've got to live while you're alive, you don't want to realize on your deathbed that you've never lived!
Billions of people have died in the past. Maybe you should be a tad more specific. Should we take down all the other prop weapons on instructables as well, or just the ones you find distasteful?

Great build btw, thanks for sharing this with all of us!
I agree it is just a fun thingy for a party of some sorts. If people want to cry about it then why do they not REMOVE THEIT AUTOMOBILES a lot more get killed by them but it does not make news anymore so we are not scared of them
My US friends tell me that most Americans don't have much of a sense of humour... but I'm an Aussie, so thumbs up for this Instructable. :)
Another stuff shirt...
You go, giovannire! Don't listen to the users whining about this. I think this is exactly the kind of comic relief we need in the world we live in.

It's a prop, it's not hurting anyone.

Americans are rapidly turning into fearful, cowering sheep, despite the simple fact that one is orders of magnitude more likely to die in a car accident than from a "terrorist event." The purpose of terrorism is to spread terror, and so by being fearful of every little thing, it gives those who wish to wield fear as a tool of control every reason to continue to do so (e.g. terrorists, and the legislators who take advantage of "terror events" to push their agenda).

The reality is that the world is a violent, random, chaotic place, even before taking into account things like terrorism and intentional violence. When you look objectively, you find that living in constant fear of terrorism is like living in fear of lightning strikes or shark attacks. It's irrational.
Sorry, more accurately Americans HAVE already turned to fearful, cowering sheep.
Or to be even more accurate yet, "MANY Americans have already turned into fearful, cowering sheep." But don't worry, they're just the ones making the most noise. I like to think they are the minority. Don't judge all of us based on our media and government, they do not represent the majority of us. The majority of us are divided and then divided again by the media and government until the majority is actually a bunch of minority groups. What was once the minority is now the "majority", and the ones you are referring to.

The government pisses off other countries, then the media says these people are trying to kill us (and hey, a lot actually are, what would WE do if other countries invaded us or blockaded our waterways?!?!), then our government kills a bunch of citizens and covers it up by framing "terrorists" and "lone gunmen" in coverups, then the media reports the official story while completely ignoring all the inconsistencies and impossibilities and amazing similarities in the official stories. So a few cowards believe that we need to give up freedom in exchange for the illusion of safety, they make a bunch of noise about it, and somehow, IN AMERICA, supposedly the freest country in the world, people are afraid to build an alarm clock. What do we call senators and congresspersons collectively? Lawmakers. Over 200 years of accumulated laws, and each year they keep making more. We have enough! We need less government!

If everyone out there knew there were a bunch of other people out there who are just as tired of it as everyone else, maybe something would change. But that's not what the government and media want (the Royalty over here). So we get more and more laws that their subjects are afraid to break. So you get the cowering sheep. Over here, you can build one of these clocks, which could harm someone slightly more than a cardboard tube, but considerably less than a steel tube, and go to prison for life. Anyone who doubts you COULD go to prison for building this ,with no bad intentions, must be blind, deaf and dumb. Anyone that doesn't build one because of that is a coward.

I just might build one that counts down to the alarm and sets off a string of firecrackers concealed in a steel tube when it reaches zero.

Awesome project!
I guess you have never been to south Alabama then.....
Also, do bombs even look like this in real life anymore???
I doubt it. It's very Wile E. Coyote. No one (demolitions/mining companies) actually uses sticks of dynamite anymore, so even if someone were to fashion a working device from available energetic materials, it likely wouldn't look like this.

But again, most people don't know these things, all they know they learned on TV.
Not all of us have gone batshit crazy, but you are right far too many have been crippled by fear
giovannire (author)  DeusXMachina2 years ago
thanks for the support, I think I like you.
the red wire

In that case I'll make mine with white and yellow wire
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