I made a survival kit and put it inside an expo dry erase marker. It contains
3- size 12 fish hooks
1- sewing needle
3- 2ft measurements of thread, color varies
2- 2in. Fire starters
And anything else you can think of

Step 1: Gutting the Marker

Take the back off and then take the tip off

Step 2: Modifying the End Cap

Step 3: Wrapping the Body

We are going to wrap the body in electricians tape for better grip when wet.

Step 4: Wrapping the Cap

You can also wrap the cap for extra grip

Step 5: Filling

Put whatever you want on your Expo Marker Survival Kit. Don't forget to add a pull ring on the end with the metal eye loop
<p>I thought you might wanna add some of more things</p>
Yeah I'm not sure if it all fits but I think that most of it will
<p>Very clever, I'm surprised so much fits into such a small space! Thanks for sharing!</p>

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