Picture of Exposed Brain for your Zombie Costume
Make the most of your Skrillex haircut this Halloween season by giving yourself a disgusting gash on the side of your head!

Second photo by the very talented Ming Wu

Step 1: What you'll need for the brain

Picture of What you'll need for the brain
The idea for this project sprung from the fact that I already had all these materials at home.

To make the exposed brain you'll need:
-Brain shaped Jello mold (I got mine from http://www.thinkgeek.com)
-Liquid latex
-Red paint
TheDreamer2 years ago
I know what Im going to be for Halloween next year. A 2 headed Zombie((I have a puppy and a military style peacoat)) XD
cybercapri2 years ago
This was very well done and took a considerable commitment on your part to cut your hair back... Excellent...