Picture of Explosive Knex Knife Thrower
A simple yet devestating close range knife thrower with exsplosive fragment rounds.

I made this when i built a model of a medieval magonel
when the arm flew off!!!

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Step 1: Collecting the Pieces

Picture of Collecting the Pieces
Well I bet everybody can figure this out in the picture

Step 2: Constructing the Frame

Picture of Constructing the Frame
Just follow these simple pictures!

Step 3: Adding the Rubberbands

Picture of Adding the Rubberbands
Use two durable thick rubberbands and wind them around towards the handle, then when the tension builds up add a yellow rod as shown.

Step 4: Loading and Firing

Picture of Loading and Firing
To load clip a normal shot(no rings) or a exsplosive one (with rings) into the yellow connector. Then pull back the shot like cocking a gun the slip your finger off. If it does not fire try adding more rubberbands.

You can also clip a white rod on the yellow connector and put any slip any knex pieces with a hole and fire.