Picture of Extend your Door Bell
I have a large house with a living room and a bedroom located in the first floor. The door chime connected to the front door switch is located in the ground floor - nothing unusual in most homes. Every time people spend their time in the first floor, the door bell is never answered unless they have robotic ears.

To cut a long story short, it was agreed by the occupants of the house that something singular must be done about extending the range of the front door bell/chime. Drawing parallel connection to the existing line would be tedious and involve running cables in a concealed manner.

So the resident techie was expected to come up with a quick and dirty solution to this problem. A quick check on the Net revealed that there was no direct solution available south of 40 dollars. Eventually I ended up making a simple circuit which extended the front door bell range right to the first floor - all at the cost of less than 5 dollars with about one hour of time well spent.

Before we go further let us take a look at the parts and complexity involved in this simple little project.

Parts List:

1. 6 V Relay DPDT contacts rated at 5 A @ 240 V X 1 ( contacts can be 1 A and I used what was readily available)
2. 6 V or 9 V power supply Adapter with 500 mA output  X 1
3. 1000 μF/16V Electrolytic Capacitor X 1
4. Cordless Calling Bell X 1 ( Preferably with telescopic antenna at both the handset and the Ringer base unit)
5. Short length of hookup wire

Skill set: A bit of Soldering is required

rimar20001 year ago
This would have served to me a few months ago, before I decided to put a dual switch on the outside, one of them connected to the house doorbell and another to wireless workshop.