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The idea behind the design is to create a watering system for a home garden.  The system can be customized to the space and needs of the user.  This vertical garden is a space-saving solution for indoors and outdoors. It can be nailed against the wall or hung freely. The extendable rubber pots can be used for different sizes of plants.  When the plant has grown there is no need to change the pot anymore!  The rubber bag is going to stretch and become bigger under the weight of the plant and when more soil is added.

The sketches are made in Autodesk Sketchbook Designer. The 3d model is made in Autodesk 3ds max.

Step 1:

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The first step is creating a wireframe basis for the clay model for the form of the pot. The wireframe is hung by a cord slightly lower than its highest point (you will see later why).
jdoyel2 years ago
plastidip wouldt work, right?im not sure what to buy!
lsmith2543 years ago
This is truly organic gorgeousness!!! Lol, I have been dreaming of beautiful planters like this but could not decide what materials to use. Love it!
e.ser (author)  lsmith2543 years ago
Thanx! I hope this will inspire you...
lsmith254 e.ser3 years ago
Absolutely...it's a perfect space-saver, too. Pots take up a lot of room...have you worked with them long enough to give feedback on how long they might last, cleaning them...or adding tiny holes on the sides so roots can get air? I'm a new fan of Japanese String Gardening so this is a similar idea. Great 'ible! ;.)
e.ser (author)  lsmith2543 years ago
You mentioned Japanese string garden....I googled it. Wow! It is AWESOME! Thanks for mentioning it. I have never seen it before...As to rubber, it is going to get old after some time as all rubber stuff does. But I am not sure how long it will last with that type of rubber. We will have to wait few years till I know it :P
lsmith254 e.ser3 years ago
Glad I could share, I like to reciprocate good feelings! ;.)
lmnopeas3 years ago
This is so beautiful & practical. Great Job!
alehnhar3 years ago
This is great!!