Step 2:

Clay mold

Use clay to create the mold around the wireframe.  There are some differences in clays. You can buy one for making molds, but those usually have small stones inside. Make sure you keep it smooth in the end. The shape of the clay model should be slightly smaller than you want your actual model to become.
<p>This would be amazing. I have been searching or somethis like this.</p>
plastidip wouldt work, right?im not sure what to buy!
This is truly organic gorgeousness!!! Lol, I have been dreaming of beautiful planters like this but could not decide what materials to use. Love it!
Thanx! I hope this will inspire you...
Absolutely...it's a perfect space-saver, too. Pots take up a lot of room...have you worked with them long enough to give feedback on how long they might last, cleaning them...or adding tiny holes on the sides so roots can get air? I'm a new fan of Japanese String Gardening so this is a similar idea. Great 'ible! ;.)
You mentioned Japanese string garden....I googled it. Wow! It is AWESOME! Thanks for mentioning it. I have never seen it before...As to rubber, it is going to get old after some time as all rubber stuff does. But I am not sure how long it will last with that type of rubber. We will have to wait few years till I know it :P
Glad I could share, I like to reciprocate good feelings! ;.)
This is so beautiful &amp; practical. Great Job!
This is great!!

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