Extendable Phone Idea for Contest


Introduction: Extendable Phone Idea for Contest

Extendable phone idea

Step 1: Concept

This is my first instructable, please be gentle.
I saw the contest for new phone ideas and came up with this. As a technician I have to refer to many technical drawings and information. Rather than have it all in paper form I have uploaded PDFs on to my phone and tablet. Unfortunately the screen on my phone is too small to see the grand scheme of the drawings and the tablet is too delicate to leave in my tool box. If my phone could have two pop out screens either side I could do away with my tablet.
This would also be great for sharing videos with friends, reading ebooks etc. Basically a convertable tablet in your pocket.



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    Great idea and I'd be interested in an Extending Phone.

    Great idea! Make those expandable screens solar chargers on the other side. : )

    the iPad air 2 rumor showcased this idea where you can connect multiple iPads together using some magnetic connectors and they'll sync there displays as one screen... so you can maybe add this feature to your idea... by the way good going ..;-)

    Very good idea!

    I bet this kind of tech will be out there at some point . . having a foldable or collapsable screen makes a lot of sense.