Introduction: Extended Macro Mode for Digital Cameras and Cellphones

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Macro mode for digital cameras and cellphone cameras without the macro mode function using the magnifying glass.

Step 1: You Need..

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Digital camera (PAS)
Magnifying glass
Subject to capture


Tripod (or roboTripod)

Step 2: Point-Magnify-and-Shoot

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Get the digital/cellphone camera magnify the object you want to capture. Be sure to align the camera lens and the magnifying glass to give the clearest possible image. You may use tripod (or my roboTripod) to avoid jitter.


Enlarge (macro mode)


c_rand (author)2016-12-16

ahha, another post well done ! i have tried binoculars and it works too- haven't tried a telescope tho.

Ray-l-l (author)2012-08-16

Thanks for the great instructable. I have been doing something similar with my camera. Even though my camera has a macro mode, I get better results with this method.

Wehrdo (author)2009-10-02

I suggest that you have a high megapixel camera for this, that way you can crop out the magnifying and still have a high quality picture. I've done sort of the same thing, but I has smaller lenses that mounted on the front of the lens.

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