Extending the Range of Your Keyless Entry.





Introduction: Extending the Range of Your Keyless Entry.

So this is my 1st instructable so CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is welcome. Anywho this site has got me looking at every day objects totally different now. I'm constantly asking myself how i can make ordinary objects better, or just make something cool. If your like me you have keyless entry on your vehicle and sometimes wish it could work farther away. Well this will help improve the range of your key fob a bit. Now before you go tearing apart your nice new factory key fob keep in mind this is easier to do on after market ones.

Step 1: Identify Antenna

Ok, once you have removed the case of your key fob you will need to find the antenna. it will probably be a smooth flat surface so to solder to it you may need to rough it up a bit. Sand paper works fine. something with a lower grit rating is suitable. just be careful not to destroy it. Some antenna's are in the PCB board so you may have to figure out which circuit is the antenna.

Step 2: Find Some Wire

Get some wire that you will be able to fit into the case and maneuver it into the case maximizing the amount you can fit.

Step 3: An Uncommon Antenna... YOU!

ever notice how if you grab a radio antenna on a station with static the quality improves? Well thats what you will be doing now. I chose to use a thin flat piece of copper that runs outside of the fob housing. These can be found easily in el cheapo LED toys and such. by touching this you turn yourself into an antenna. If your crafty enough you could attach it to the screw that holds the case together then just touch the screw.

Step 4: Thats It.

Now go test it out see how far away you get. it personally improved my range by about 50 feet. but i need a new battery too.



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    I didn't have but 195 feet distance range on my remote fob to start my vehicle. But, I just tried to put the remote under my chin with the front of the fob remote facing out my window towards my car and it was about 300 or 400 feet. The chin thing worked my vehicle locked the doors and then started. the chin thing doubled the distance....maybe more range.... Awesome...........

    you soldered a wire to the outside of the oscillator. Congrats. This does nothing.

    Actually, a long time ago Mythbusters tested out putting your keyless entry to underneath your chin to extend the range. It works because your voice box is a natural amplifier. I don't think it give you more than 20 extra feet. Anyways, that's what I do when I can't seem to find my car.

    check that Mythbusters---again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not the voice Box !!!!!!!!!!

    Ages ago i learnt a cool trick for extending the range too. It sounds 100% stupid but it works a treat. Simply put the remote under your chin (up against it) as you press the button. Generally extends the range by 20-30% or helps when your battery is a bit flat.

    The looped wire is really smart and works for sure.. but the other "body antenna" step is unnecessary and effects the aesthetics of it. BTW, might not want to do this to new car keys as they are REALLY expensive.

    really? well until now, I never knew what's inside one. the one from the pics above only has an microchip and 2 push-to-make switch so I guess the case is REALLY expensive...

    Actually what Scott00 probably was referring to is the new car keys where the Key and Remote are all in one casing. They typically can cost $100-$200 to replace since they have a specific code for the vehicle that has to be programmed. So if you mess it up, that's what the dealer will charge to get you a new one programmed. The remote above looks like a standard add-on keyless entry system which would be fairly cheap.

    I lost my original key fob to my Chrysler seabring. the key fob was $25. the service of linking it to the car was $75. however if you already own one and want to program a second there is a method found in the owners manual.

    An instructable on how to DIY the linking service sure would be nice.

    What works as well and doesn't need any modification: hold the keyless entry against your head (your temple is best). Press the button now and you will see you have just greatly increased the range. Your whole body is now the antenna. Try it, it works!