A simple way to extend your stick lighter for various tricks and saftey measures

Because the extender is made of aluminum, after use, it cools down almost instantly.

Step 1: Obtain materials

Obtain the 3 necessary things
-Stick lighter, butane if possible
-Aluminum foil or any kind of easily pliable metal that will not melt easily
-Fuel for the lighter, butane is readily available
nospleen9 years ago
Pictures would be nice on this one.
nathan42100 (author)  nospleen9 years ago
Sorry, I don't have time, gimme a couple days.

it's been 9 years!!!! I have no clue what the hell you are talking about

rug nathan421004 years ago
5 years !!!
its been more than a couple days...
lukeyj15 goeon6 years ago
3 years
goeon lukeyj156 years ago
 4 years! lol
 and still no photos O_o
dude thats wickid awsoe, i tried it and it rules
jester_rob7 years ago
True that!
 extremely true!
sharlston6 years ago
if you have a broken lighter in need of fixing go to my post to get it fixed

heres the link:
Berkin6 years ago
This needs pictures... SO bad!
macca4life7 years ago
OW! i burnt my flipping finger! ow thats good the instuctable lol ow!
bennor37 years ago
try once you get the flame all the way out quickly pulling the foil down, big flame!!! my favorite!!!
pooboy8 years ago
pretty cool stuff