External HDD Casing With Secret Mechanical Lock


Introduction: External HDD Casing With Secret Mechanical Lock

About: Steampunk artist, scientist, engineer

Steampunk styled external HDD-case or external HDD inside of the mystery case with usb access lock protected by MAGIC. here are many options to choose from!
Made by hand, inspired by mechanical thinking, assembled with care:

-1mm Brass, Handmade. -Secret mechanical lock. -USB 3.0 interface inside (HDD sata-to-USB3 converter or +HDD drive).

You can ask about anything except how lock work:this is my small secret.

And video from my Instagram page

Partial draft drawings on step3

[Play Video]

Step 1: Some Parts and Contracting Issues

For constructing this "cryptex" box you'll need:
1. 1-1.5 mm brass

2. Cut all parts using scissors/ saw/ cutter/ laser or any other cutting method

3. Drill 6 holes (4 holes for fixing HDD and 2 holes for dor with lock)

4. Solder parts...

5. Engrav/ decorate

Step 2: Parts Drawings Except Lock Part. Draft

This is drawings from Autocad Inventor 2015.

This is draft drawings. Need checking



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    Im really sorry, this was my fail. i fixed it
    (introduction was copy-pasted from my blog)
    but check step 2 . drawings included and you can assembly your own hdd casing

    Thank you. I'm sorry if I came off poorly, I just really appreciate what Instructables is doing, and I don't want to see it become something that contradicts that spirit. That being said, I really love your work prototype, I think I've read all your instructables lol. Thanks again for being a real member of this community. Good information and novel ideas are something that we all need plenty more of.

    well, this is not an "instructables".

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    Check attached drawings. all parts attached except lock. you can make your own

    Гарна робота!
    "5 копійок", як без них. :)

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    дуже старався. зарпз ще хочу зробити шкіряний чохол та добре двухстороннє гравірування

    Nice work :-)