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Nowadays, winamp have full support to keyboard shortcuts. But some time, when winamp didn’t have this feature, I was thinking in some way to make a easy way to change music by simply pressing one button, it would make things faster and would help me to change music during games. So I decided to make a external control painel, to make it easier to change musics, volume up or down, toggle shuffle and many other features by pressing just one button. I found one winamp plugin that shows how to configure a external control using the Serial Port, being able to make 4 or 15 buttons control. I decided to make this, step-by-step, how to do it, hope you enjoy.

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1. 4 push-buttons
2. SERIAL connector
3. Connector Box
4. Cable
5. Soldering iron and accessories

As you can put the buttons wherever you want, I decided to put mine in one old diskbox.
I decided to use a network cable to connect the Serial connector to the buttons, because its easier to organize and makes the work simplier and faster.

Step 1: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
Making the control:

1. Looking in the scheme, we see that we have to connect one side of each buttons to one cable, these will be solded in the pin number 4.

I really like this, anyone know how i could incoporate it into a VB project or make it send keyboard shortcuts?
I want to use this in my car.
same here this would be great when putting an old laptop in car for music
FixedHDD6 years ago
hehe i'm going to build this right now

but i'll get the controlswitches direct in my computercase that means i'll drill 4 holes in the case....

that would be a perfect MP3-Machine

Pictures will come
Done! But this is only the bare electric circuit. now i'll paint my case black n yellow and then it's time to drill
axel58907 years ago
i like the green switches. where did you buy them at? they look like radioshack push buttons switch
Gonazar7 years ago
Can you adapt this for a usb port instead?
hey the software wont work for me. it saves it as unreadable when I use FireFox, and it opens a new tab with gibberish when I use Internet Explorer.
maybe you could give me a link to where you got it - all the files I download from instructables do this to me.
Robotrix8 years ago
Here's mine! I made my case from cardboard cause i'm ghetto
lol i made a cardboard case for a broken PDA i fixed
pasteler0 (author)  Robotrix8 years ago
nice done! =)
This guy build one out of a Rotary phone control http://www.bwir.de/schaltungen/winamprotaryphonecontrol
Unfortunately the program is very crapy. You have to close it, or you won't able to shutdown Windows, and sometimes it disables itself.

But the idea is very funny I got one to
Brett9 years ago
Just about finished mine :). Last thing to do is the case.. but everything works so far. Brett
pasteler0 (author)  Brett8 years ago
Show pictures when done! =)
trebuchet039 years ago
I wish my laptop had a serial connection :P But you score an A :D
Internet to the rescue!


ok, yeah, it's a little more intrusive that you probably want, but I just wanted to post this for completness.
haha yeah, I know about those thingies :P I have the schematic on how to build one yourself somewhere in the depths of my hard drive too :P But $20 is a little steep :P
godsdog9 years ago
Do you happen to have pin configs for more than 4 buttons or is this the max? (thinking about using 16 button config utilizing binary)
Woeka godsdog9 years ago
If you install the COM-port Winamp Control programm go to help and then to the 15 button tab and there is a ... guess what ... 15 button version :)
Brett9 years ago
I like your instructable a lot. I am going to try it on my own as well. Two questions: What are the grey numbers on the left of the wiring configuration? I think the black ones are the pin on the serial port, but not sure what the grey ones are. Also, one prong from each of the buttons all connecting at a central wire (where port 4 is)?? Thanks! Brett
Brett Brett9 years ago
Nevermind question 2, still wondering about question 1. Brett
pasteler0 (author)  Brett9 years ago
The numbers in gray show the pins you mush use if you make it using a DB25 instead of a DB9
saites20019 years ago
Very adaptable. I like it.