I picked up a fairly new weather radio from Oregon Scientific (Model WR102) at a consignment outfitter recently. Unfortunately, due to my location, I couldn't get any signal using just the onboard antenna. I decided to rectify this situation, and make a detachable antenna for when I needed better signal. Sorry for the picture quality my camera kinda sucks and I can't afford to get a new one at the moment.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

For this project, you won't really need very much.
Small phillips head screwdriver
Wire stripper
Soldering iron and solder (if desired, I did not use mine)
Small magnet

several feet of very narrow-gauge wire(I used about 24 gauge)
Crimp-on releasable connectors
External antenna (I salvaged mine from a clock radio)
If you did this to a walkie talkie do you think it would interfere with the quality of transmissions over the predetermined frequencies?
<p>FCC Rules make it illegal to modify the antenna of any GMRS radio. They are only legal if you use the provided antenna. </p><p>SO you can NOT do this modification on a radio with a transmitter in it.</p>
What did you use the magnet for? I didn't see it used.
I used it to magnetize my screwdriver so I wouldn't lose all the tiny screws. As it is I never recovered three of them.
Your pics rock compared to mine!! I just use my ipod look at my instructables and youll see how crappy mine are lol
do ypu thik this would work for a computer
I have the same weather radio. I had to really play with the radio to find the channel button. Once I did locate the channel that was closest to my home, the sound is crystal clear. <br> <br>Put the batteries in the radio. Press the NOAA button on the top right hand side of the radio. Then press the channel button until the letter at the top of the screen located on the left hand side starts to flash. Use the volume buttons on the left side of the radio to change the channel. The channels are listed from A through G. <br> <br>I included the directions above for anyone else who has this radio, but does not know how to set the channel closest to their home.
What do you think the range of the modified radio is?

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