Step 2: Paso Dos

Monta el lente angular al lente de la camara de video usando tiras delgadas de gaffer.
I just love people who like to destroy and deface other's property, but throw a fit if it happens to theirs. Hopefully NYPD gets ahold of this and subpoenas Instructables records to determine the IP address of the person who uploaded the videos to aid in determining who the tagger is.
Hopefully you become more tolerant of art. It's a wonderful world.
i just love how you would go out of your way to say that. go post on an instructable about ignorant police officers, it seems you would fit in much better there.
I think it's wrong if the building is in use/nice/plans to be nice/etc. if it is obviously going to be delapidated and blighted housing or building, why not let it become a piece of art, sometimes.
I agree
wah wah wah
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do you control it with your tongue?
BTW , here is the translation ( by me no that google crap-lator) As Seen On Youtube Are you sick of the paint drops sprinkle over your eyes? you wish that the people see your heroic efforts on painting private property ? If the answer is "YES" , What you need is the NEW POV CAM HELMET Of the graffity research lab . This Camera is a inexpensive device , that is mount in your head , designed to capture video of graffiti artists in action ,in the eyes of the cam dude , Also protects of the pesky paint droplets and/or of the impact of pressurized paint Or ,well of the NY police Abuses in the face ( Ouch ) -We're sorry so much of the lack of accents and Letters in the letter ñ . It's Instructables Fault because it does not accept all th necesary signs for writing in "Español" ( spanish) Thanks A Lot To Jerry Juarez! Hope This Helps
HEY thats the cvs camera hacked SWEET I always wanted to do that. Um English please?
Graffiti isn't cool. Also, you're English is a little off.

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Bio: I made weapons for the British government for over thirty-five years. Now that I am retired, I have gotten involved in outfitting graffiti writers and ... More »
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