Picture of Extinguishing A Candle With Carbon Dioxide
Carbon dioxide (CO2) is cool stuff. One of the cool things about it is that it's both inflammable. It's also heavier than air. Because it has these properties, you can actually fill a jar with it and "pour" it onto a flame- and it will go out in an instant. This tutorial will show you how to do it yourself.
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Step 2: Step One: Release The Gas

Take the glass jar and carefully and slowly release a slow stream of the CO2 gas into the jar. Take your time.

Step 4: Step Three: Extinguish The Flame

Without tipping the jar, slowly move it over next to the candle. Then carefully make a pouring motion with it right over the candle. If you did it right, the candle should go out almost immediately. If it didn't work, try "pouring" it a couple more times. If it still isn't working, go back and retry with a new jar of gas. It often takes more than one try- it took me three to make this video.

After that, you're done! Remember to clean up your mess.