So I've been doing a lot of story boarding recently and in an effort to sharpen up my drawing skills I've switched from using a pencil to a pen. The only problem has been it's much harder to do even fills with a pen than a pencil, so I needed a fat marker, too. But I hate carrying around more junk than I need, and most of the art markers out there have two or more points (prismacolor, tria, copic) but none of them have a point fine enough to do real line work. What's an art director to do? Hack a tria of course...

Step 1: Materials

For the Marker:
-One Tria marker of your color preference
-One Staedler Triplus Fineliner of the same or similar color

-A small chisel (I used an 1/8" Marples)
-A jewelers / hack / scroll saw
-A pair of needle nose pliers

Why a Tria Marker? Yes, you can buy fine nibs for Copic markers, but my art store doesn't carry them. Yes a lot of people like prismacolors. I used a tria marker because I found that of the three the tree showed stroke overlapping the least as well as bled the least. Could you use this hack with other markers? Sure.
omg im like obsessed wit pens and drawing... im gonna try this<br/>/<sub>/ (-_-) /</sub>/<br/>
those "Staedler Triplus Fineliner" pens look nice, I might get some of those for general writing. my pilot v5s have been letting me down, and I want something even sharper than a .5 pencil line. i need to get a jewelers saw to...
Smart idea!<br/>I have never seen those pens before, but it seems like a great idea, I always use Extra fine pens for my notes, and I REALLY small, so it looks really cool.<br/><br/><sub>The writing is smaller than this! Well, they're about the same.</sub><br/>

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